Planes of Prophecy Timeline
Recommended Levels 100 to 110
Introduced: Planes of Prophecy
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Plane of Magic
Preceded by: Kunark Ascending Timeline


  • Characters must be at least a level 100 Adventurer for these quests.
    • You kinda need to have 32k+ potency. With the starter gear available in Tishan's chest, along with 50 divine potency (available by running the Days of Summer event quests, or from Tishan's chest), your potency should be right around 32k.
      • Q: some extra potency isnt going to magically make us go from doing 40k damage to the 2+ million damage we should be doing
      • A: It absolutely will. Mobs in PoP mitigate a large amount of potency, so even what feels like a nominal increase can increase your actual damage by a large amount.
  • This zone has competing factions. See the Factions and Quests section for more details.
  • You must do the Signature quests to access the various instances.
  • You need to be at least a level 2 Artisan for the signature timeline.
    • You need to be at least a level 20 Artisan for Crossing At The Crossing to reach +50k faction with Pride Pakiat
      • The recipe required for the quest can be scribed at level 20 Artisan BUT you will most likely not be able to craft it with such a low skilllevel, since the recipe's actual level is 100! [confirmed on January 8th 2018]



Teleport pad in the Plane of Magic

To travel to the Plane of Magic, players must go to a spire in another zone (e.g. Enchanted Lands) or if a player is in a guild that has it, use the amenity in the form of the spire or wizard that creates a portal in the guild hall. The new zone's name will appear in the center of the map after interacting with the portal.

  • Within the Plane of Magic, players can use a flying mount to go from island to island or a teleport pad, similar to those found in other zones (e.g. Neriak).
  • This zone is very large. Unlocking the teleport pads first earns the achievement, High Plains Drifter and it makes travel much faster. Stocking up on Totem of Escape also speeds up inter-zone travel considerably.
  • For a map with the locations of each pad, see the Travel section of the main Plane of Magic page.


Leveling Tip: The fastest way to level from 100 to 110 is doing the quests in the Plane of Magic. This begins with gaining positive faction to proceed with the first signature quest, Legacy of Power: Secrets in an Arcane Land. You don't have to max out that faction, but due the high experience gained per quest though, it's advised to get as far as possible with them.

  • About Ascension:
    • some quests reward Celestial Ascension -- When consumed this potion increases the active Ascension class of the caster by 1 to a maximum of 15.
    • some quests reward Planes of Prophecy Overloaded Ascension Potion -- for 30 minutes your guided ascension get's refilled automatically and you will level up as well if needed
      • or if you purchased the Premium Edition be sure to /claim this. Ascension fills up before the new ascension masters are available.
      • Note that once one character has "unlocked" Coliseum of Valor, any of your alts at level 105 may enter and use the Ascension Masters.
    • the new Ascension trainers are in the Coliseum of Valor
  • There are no-trade blue shinies in (some?) of the solo zones. See the Planes of Prophecy Collection Timeline for details.
  • For players who purchase the Collector's or Premium editions, the mercenary, Bhoohghar will appear and may be hired at -577, -44, 178 in Drukyna Marsh.
  • In the Plane of Magic, you will automatically get the effect of Divine Potency Grant: 50 granted, if you haven't done the quests from Yun Zi (the "panda quest").

Notes for AltsEdit

  • Alts may zone into Coliseum of Valor at level 100+, however, the missions will not be available, and the solo zones will give an error message "You must be level 105.." Similarly, you can do the PQ for XP and status (assuming you survive), but Dr. Arcana will say "I have nothing for you yet" if you are less than level 105 (confirmed at 106, but I presume its 105).
  • The Coliseum of Valor is great for leveling up Ascension, or switching Asc-class. It also has a mender and bank.No collector though.
  • Note that unused Celestial Ascension scrolls may be used by an alt. It's Heirloom. And don't forget "Tears of Ascension" from the status vendor in Nye'Caelona.
  • If you did not get the "new merc" it might be worthwhile to gather the no-trade shiny's and learn the Nye'Caelona language so you can have Evania Val'Sara. Or do the achievement for Zhugrus Blightstrike.
  • To get the Fount buff (for solo zones after level 105), you must have completed the first Signature Quest in the series (after you speak to Druzzil Ro, you're ok). Without the buff, solo zone mobs can and will one-shot you. Check that the buff is "on" while you're in a solo zone, it can mysteriously turn off.
    • The House Yrzu questline provides the fastest way to the Fount buff for alts. Once you have 20k faction, check your progress to be sure you are on track for Ulemondi's quest series (she's at the edge of the Aetherscar).
  • Eventually it's simpler to get the best in slot offhand from the Destiny achievement (become ally with all the factions, and do all the capstone quests) than from going back to Thallumbra. Completing the Destiny achievement also unlocks a lot of rewards from vendors in PoP.


This zone offers the following achievements:

  • Destiny in the Planes of Prophecy rewards with a offhand weapon that can be upgraded. To earn the adventure achievement, you must complete the Signature timeline and get all 3 factions to +50k once. This includes the final quest for each faction; one faction after the other, not all 3 at once!
  • High Plains Drifter: Players who discover all of the teleport pads earn the , which also makes travel much faster!
  • It's So Magical!: an exploration achievement to complete while wandering the zone

Free GearEdit

Near the zone-in point in the Plane of Magic at ( 1170, 792, -1585 ) /waypoint 1170, 792, -1585 is Tishan's Lockbox. It contains free gear for level 100 characters based on class.

  • The gear pieces are slightly better than KA expert heroic and T1 raid gear. (15 resolve, and more health then the expert heroic gear)
  • Orange adorn slots have taken the place of old purple adorn slots.

Legacy of Power Signature QuestsEdit

As mentioned in the Requirements section, players must complete specific signature quests to access instances.
All instances are accessed through the Coliseum of Valor first, which means the quests have a slight order.

  1. Legacy of Power: Secrets in an Arcane Land
  2. Legacy of Power: Hero's Devotion required to access the Coliseum of Valor
  3. Legacy of Power: An Innovative Approach required to access the "Plane of Innovation"
  4. Legacy of Power: Realm of the Plaguebringer required to access the "Plane of Disease"
  5. Legacy of Power: Through Storms and Mists required to access the "Torden, Bastion of Thunder"
  6. Legacy of Power: Glimpse of the Hereother
  7. Legacy of Power: Drawn to the Fire required to access the "Solusek Ro's Tower"
  8. Legacy of Power: Deep Trouble required to access the "Brackish Vaults" zones
  9. Legacy of Power: Tyrant's Throne required to access The Molten Throne and the raid zones

Factions and QuestsEdit

There are three competing Factions in the zone, each with its own quest line. All factions have NPCs for the broker, mender and so on.

It is impossible to have all 3 Factions at +50k at the same time. When characters gain positive faction for one you will lose the equal amount of previously gained faction with the others; however, when a character increases their faction above 20,000 for a single faction, they cannot drop below 20,000 by any means for that faction.

House YrzuEdit

See quest series starter: Malusia at ( 58, 128, -42 ) /waypoint 58, 128, -42

  1. [106] The Queen's Favor

Instructor Nevidix

  1. [106] Light Studies
  2. repeatable quests


  1. [106] Specific Resonance
  2. repeatable quests


  1. [106] An Eye for Art requires 1,000 House Yrzu (Faction)
  2. [106] Water Canvas


  1. [106] Shape the Future requires 1,000 House Yrzu (Faction)


  1. [106] Further Applications


  1. [106] Art Class Drop Out
  2. [106] Learning Their Place


  1. [105] Dress Code


  1. [106] Riddle Me This requires 8,500 House Yrzu (Faction)
  2. [105] Unusual Suspect
  3. [105] Right in the Nose


  1. [106] Take Me to Your Leader
  2. [106] No Pride to Speak Of


  1. [105] Furthering Education
  2. [105] Forbidden Studies


  1. [105] Teacher Conference

Thegnahex Lasmayta

  1. [105] Cultural Understanding


  1. [105] Land Development
  2. [105] Professional Opinion
  3. [105] Eureka Moment
  4. [105] Scar Treatment
  5. [105] Terra Forma

Repeatable Quests requiring 23,500 House Yrzu (Faction)

Repeatable Quests requiring 34,000 House Yrzu (Faction)

Majestrix Sangeeta

  1. [106] The Majestrix's Trust requires 50,000 House Yrzu (Faction)

House VahlaEdit

See quest series starter: Shirada at ( -159, 573, -535 ) /waypoint -159, 573, -535

  1. [106] Caught Slime-Handed
  2. [106] Steal It Back
  3. [106] Not for Breakfast
  4. repeatable quests:


  1. [106] Here Comes the Bribe requires 1,000 House Vahla (Faction)


  1. [106] Subtle Differences requires 1,000 House Vahla (Faction)
  2. [106] Sure as Shell
  3. [106] A Subtle Ploy
  4. [106] Profit and Loss


  1. [106] Oh Ye, Of Riddle Faith
  2. [106] Sphinx Outside the Box


  1. [106] Assumed Identity
  2. [106] Teach a Man to Aetherfish
  3. [106] Nothing Subtle About It
  4. [106] Arcana Control
  5. [106] Seeds of Change


  1. [106] Fresh and Greasy
  2. [110] Koyame's Elemental Study


  1. [106] Doomsday Prep

Repeatable Quests requiring 20,500 House Vahla (Faction)

Mindfold Matriarch Taneesha

  1. [106] Serving the Mindfold Matriarch requires 23,500 House Vahla (Faction)


  1. [106] Material Evidence
  2. [106] Counterfeit It to Win It


  1. [106] Following a Familiar Face
  2. [106] Show Not Tell

Mindfold Matriarch Taneesha

  1. [106] Mindfold Matriarch's Effective Plan requires 31,000 House Vahla (Faction) and completing Show Not Tell

Repeatable Quests requiring 32,500 House Vahla (Faction)

Mindfold Matriarch Taneesha

  1. [106] Dedication Rewarded requires 50,000 House Vahla (Faction)

Pride PakiatEdit

See quest series starter: Izle Tot at ( -931, 80, -32 ) /waypoint -931, 80, -32

  1. [106] The Introduction
  2. [106] Can't Step in the Same River Twice
  3. [106] The Missing Heart Leaves a Hole
  4. repeatable quests:


  1. [106] Seven Tomes and No Sense requires -2,000 Pride Pakiat (Faction)
  2. [106] Perennial Complications
  3. [106] Stripped By Striplings


  1. [106] The Wick is Curiosity requires -2,000 Pride Pakiat (Faction)
  2. [106] The Candle is Learning
  3. [106] The Supreme Art of Teaching
  4. [106] Joy in Knowledge requires Stripped By Striplings


  1. [106] The Desired Golden Vessel
  2. [106] The Vexing Golden Coin
  3. [106] The Bloody Brutal Truth
  4. [106] Music From The Elder
  5. [106] The Seven Keystones to Success

Izny Rut

  1. [106] Green Fruit For Rut
  2. [106] Operation Crustacean Station
  3. [106] The Mootuingo Objective
  4. repeatable quests:

Khat-Ra Pakiat

  1. [106] From Mind to Matter requires 30,100 Pride Pakiat (Faction)
  2. [106] The Punishment Due
  3. [106] Consoling the Souls
  4. [106] Consciousness With Objectification
  5. [106] The Crucible of Purpose
  6. [106] Crossing At The Crossing - this quest requires tradeskill 20 to complete

Repeatable quests requiring 39,000 Pride Pakiat (Faction)

Khat-Ra Pakiat

  1. [106] Reflection of Recollection requires 50,000 Pride Pakiat (Faction)

Timed Key QuestsEdit

Turning in the keys (PoP) hint it is NPCs not chests this time round.

Additional QuestsEdit

Amphitheater of Song

  1. [106] Ghost's Lost Score
  2. [106] Turn Loose the Ignus
  3. [106] Why Don't the Ayriegales Sing
  4. [106] Esper in the Deep Dark Forest
  5. [106] For the Voice She Once Had

Coliseum of Valor

  1. Weapon Leveling Training Quest: Conservation of Planar Energy
    • Available after the Signature Quests are complete and the player's character is level 110. The Destiny Achievement does not need to be complete for this quest to be offered.

Public Quests

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