Planes of Prophecy Crafting Timeline
Recommended Levels 100 to 110
Introduced: Planes of Prophecy
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Preceded by: Kunark Ascending Crafting Timeline

Adventures, please see the Planes of Prophecy Timeline.

Achievements that unlock Recipes Edit

About this TimelineEdit

This timeline increases the tradeskill level from 100, up to 110.

The Tradeksill quests are not on live as of launch (Nov. 28th, 2017). Rather than rush the content out, Daybreak opted for delaying its release to assure the content is "polished".
Copy of the post from Caith from the forum (the beta section will go away at some point)
Unfortunately the tradeskill quest timeline for Planes of Prophecy was not coming together in a way that would make it fun and engaging, so we have decided to push it back until after launch. While this is disappointing to us all, we believe that delivering a rich and engaging tradeskill quest timeline is more important than delivering what would be a sub-par experience on the expansion launch date. Utilizing the extra time granted by pushing the tradeskill timeline back will allow us to deliver a more fully featured tradeskill experience for us all to enjoy. The tradeskill timeline will be our top priority once the rest of the expansion content and systems have been locked in.
The base expansion will still have 10 new tradeskill levels complete with recipes, writs, and several top tier tradeskilled items integrated into the adventuring content. This push only affects the tradeskill quest timeline.

Requirements for CompletionEdit

Requirements to complete this series include:



Teleport pad in the Plane of Magic

To travel to the Plane of Magic, players must go to a spire in another zone (e.g. Enchanted Lands) or if a player is in a guild that has it, use the amenity in the form of the spire or wizard that creates a portal in the guild hall. The new zone's name will appear in the center of the map after interacting with the portal.

  • Within the Plane of Magic, players can use a flying mount to go from island to island or a teleport pad, similar to those found in other zones (e.g. Neriak).
  • Low-level characters can travel around the zone, provided attention is paid to the locations of enemies in the zone.

Tradeskill RecipesEdit

The essential recipe books are sold by normal Tradeskill Recipe Salesmen.

  • You will not be able to see the essential recipe books until you achieve level 101.

Changes to Prior Faction RecipesEdit

The Tradeskill Recipe Salesmen in all cities, including the guild hall hireling, now sell the both the essential and advanced recipe books for the previous expansion's factions.

This eliminates the prior faction "grind" to unlock the recipes, though both prior Tradeskill Timelines may offer additional benefits.

The essential and advanced recipes that had their faction requirements removed include:

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