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Pillars of Flame Timeline
Recommended Levels 50 to 59
Introduced: Desert of Flames
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Pillars of Flame
Preceded by: Sinking Sands Timeline
Ghassan the Trader Timeline
Followed by: Fallen Dynasty Timeline
Tenebrous Tangle Timeline

(recommended levels in brackets)

Misc QuestsEdit

from Lieutenant Masts

  • Missing Caravan (45) - rewards level 45 bracelet
    • alternatively Caravan Lost! (45) can be picked up from the Caravan directly, but this one doesn't reward gear

from Qadira the Naga

from Captain Sterling

from Arbos Sendoa

Feng Slow Fist or Jen

Jiang Li

Shu Sun

Captain Sterling

Part of the Ghassan the Trader TimelineEdit

Non-Required Prerequisite: complete Rashad's quests in the Sinking Sands

Sergeant Tuskin - at the entrance to Ortallian camp

Disciple Shula - up a rift in Ortallian camp

Siraj al Din - Char'Gin camp

The Ashen Order TimelineEdit

This quest series covers levels 54-60 in The Pillars of Flame. The quest series is soloable, except for one step of the last quest. It teaches you about the history of Ashen Order and Ashen Disciples. Qeynos citizens will earn the title the Jade Tiger from the Ashen Order, while Freeport citizens will earn the title the Ebon Dragon from the Ashen Disciples.

There are two quests that aren't part of the actual quest line, but they give a nice faction boost:

Master Akuno Beslin - if Qeynos-aligned

  1. Learning the Ashen Way (55)

Master Irudan Ortai - if Freeport-aligned

  1. Aiding the Disciples (55)

Ashen OrderEdit

Shu Fang Qi

  1. Sandscrawler Debacles (55)
  2. Of Scribes and Sentries (56)
  3. Fallen From Beauty (57)
  4. Service to the Order (56) - 15-20 times, until kindly
  5. Trials of Ash (58) - 10-15 times, until warmly
  6. Strange Deliveries (59)
  7. Diplomatic Liaisons (60)

Zhao Wu

  1. A Split in the Ashen Order (55)

Master Kiri

  1. Learning the Way (60) - one heroic step

Ashen DisciplesEdit

Shing Ho

  1. Sandscrawler Debacles (55)
  2. Of Sentries and Scribes (56)
  3. Fallen From Beauty (57)
  4. Disciples Edicts (56) - 15-20 times, until kindly
  5. Proving Grounds (58)- 10-15 times, until warmly
  6. Strange Deliveries (59)
  7. Diplomatic Liaisons (60)

Shen Rai

  1. Kufu's Intentions (55)

Master Ko

  1. Elite Training (60) - one heroic step

Lore & LegendEdit

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