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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tenebrous Tangle  (AA)
Journal Level 62 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Tenebrous Tangle more
How to Start Speak to Bilgeron Cogsworth IV in Tenebrous Tangle on the Temple Grounds ( 50, 22, 193 ) /waypoint 50, 22, 193
part of: Cloud Mount Timeline
Preceded by:
The Bees Sees
Followed by:
Follow the Bot

What does this information mean?


Robot parts pile

broken robot part

  1. Collect 8 broken robot parts from inside the Sanctum of the Scaleborn. These are small smoking grey piles that seem to spawn throughout the zone.
  2. Return to Bilgeron



Parts are located along stairwells and hallways throughout the zone. The zone is easier early, most of mobs in the first areas are 62, pairs of 62v, seldom 62^.


In fact the parts spawn quite frequently and many times the first part encountered is just inside the Sanctum entrance doors on the right, before the stairs and any MOBs. The aggro can be handled by a middle equipped level 65 solo, more so with good ranged and little difficulty if stealthed. If the aggro gets too heavy then "escape" back to the entrance and with luck another part will have spawned, rest until health and power recharged then go again.