Hatched Gorg Egg

A pet gorg?

A pet gorg is a fluff pet: something that follows the player around, doing nothing but look good. This aviak stands a little taller than waist-high to a Gnome and will give replies in Volant when hailed. Complete the collection quest, 'Basilisk Teeth, and the read the rewarded scroll, Hatch Gorg Egg. You will be granted the ability Hatch Gorg Egg, which summons the pet.

The whole pet's name is ended with a question mark. Considering a gorg is a lizard and the pet is an aviak, a question mark is suitable. (The replies are indicative of an Ugly Duckling scenario.)

Things this pet saysEdit

  • "Gorg?"
  • "Gorg? No gorg? Where's mama gorg?"
  • "Gorgity gorg gorg!"
  • "I tot I was a gorgie-tat!"
  • "They say I'm just the ugly gorgling. It makes me so sad."
  • "They say I'm not a gorg. I don't see why I can't be one...".
  • "Why did my mommy leave me in the gorg pit?"

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