These are heroic quests found in Permafrost. They are aimed at players of levels 45-50.

(recommended levels in parentheses)

Statue Quest SeriesEdit

On the main level of Permafrost, in the northwest corner, is a circular room with a series of ice statues arranged around the wall. Each statue starts one of a series of 8 quests, which you need to complete in order. The last quest is initiated by blowing the horn in the giant's Banquet Hall area.

  1. Prove Your Strength (46)
  2. Defeat the Frostpaw Pack Hounds (46)
  3. Incompetence Punished (46)
  4. Rem's Task (46)
  5. Another Challenge Issued (46)
  6. Victor or Victim (46)
  7. Challenge of the Savages (47)
  8. The Final Challenge of the Kromise (48)
  9. The Horn Sounds (49) - rewards neck

Access QuestsEdit

Krindal - in Everfrost

Miscellaneous QuestsEdit

General Fandrak - in The Feerrott

Item Triggered QuestsEdit

Book QuestsEdit

- rewards house item

Removed QuestsEdit

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