Peacock Club Timeline
Recommended Levels 45 to 55
Introduced: Desert of Flames
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Maj'Dul
Preceded by: Sinking Sands Timeline
Followed by: Pillars of Flame Timeline
Peacock Club Timeline [edit]
1. A Damsel in Distress
a. Trap Snapping
b. My Service for an Idol
c. The Bones in the Box
2. The Tale of Dalgin B'Dynn
3. Welcome to the Peacock Club
a. A Thief in the House of Coin
b. A Thief in the House of Truth
c. A Thief in the House of Blades
4. Down to the Last Peacock
5. Secrets of a Used Skull
6. A Final Note
7. Delving into Darkness
8. I Seek Knowledge
9. Auxiliary Service
10. A Frightful Feast
11. Finding My Way
12. Tracing the Map
13. Undead Censership
a. The Secrets of Im'Sekt
b. The Secret of Du'Mutef
c. The Secret of Qey'Nuf
d. The Secret of Hak'Pyz
14. The Seal of the Sea
15. From Hands of Stone
16. Confirming the Right Track
17. An Offering and Peace
18. Time for a Garden Party
19. Wrapping It All Up

This is a long line of quests in EverQuest II's Desert of Flames. Most of the quest line is soloable, although the later quests have some heroic steps. This is a recommended quest series for soloers at levels 45-55, as it's one of the only solo timelines that takes you deep inside a dungeon (starting with A Final Note).

Ultimately, the Peacock Club timeline will result in an epic raid in the Fountain of Life, which rewards you with what is being called a "T6 Prismatic" or "Prismatic 2.0".

(recommended levels in parentheses)

Peacock Club: Soloable Edit

Peacock Lord Wad'dah Haz'Iz

Peacock Lord Wad'dah Haz'Iz

Starts with Shan ( 66, 140, -115 ) /waypoint 66, 140, -115 outside of the Golden Scepter

In Maj'Dul (and The Sinking Sands)

In The Living Tombs

In Silent City

Peacock Club: Heroic Edit

The following quests cannot be soloed at the target levels, but are potentially soloable in the mid-60's.

Peacock Club: Epic Edit

The following quest contains a raid with a significant timesink, and gives the final Peacock Club reward.