Periodically SoE changes some aspects of the game in between normal expansions.

To find more information about what changes have been done you can read the Game Update Notes on the SoE official forums.

Nov 12, 2013Edit

HARVESTING Harvesting nodes can now be harvested at any harvesting skill level. In order to be eligible for rare harvests, your skill must still meet the previous requirements.

October 3, 2013Edit

GENERAL Level range chat channels have been retired; in their place, General, LFG, and High Level chat channels have been added. The High Level channel is available starting at level 80.

HEROIC CHARACTERS Heroic Characters that did not receive their heroic gear after logging in should receive it the next time they log in that character. Resolved an issue when trying to create a Heroic Character with a name that is invalid or already taken.

ITEMS Superior Metallic Hoop of the Void should now trigger properly. The Superior Djinn Bracelet of the Sky now has an additional 275 Ability Modifier, 26 Focus, Disruption and Subjugation and 2% Doublecast.

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