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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access  (AA)
Journal Level 28 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Thundering Steppes more
How to Start Talk to Captain Abella Coranis ( -255, -20, -414 ) /waypoint -255, -20, -414 near The Thundering Steppes dock.
part of: Zek Timeline
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The Captain's New Friend
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What does this information mean?

The Item, Location, Quest, or MOB referred to by this page, Passage to the Isle of Zek,
is obsolete and is no longer required, but remains in the game
This quest is no longer required for access to Zek, the Orcish Wastes.


  1. Stop supply runners in Antonica.
    • For Rusty and Noa to appear, you must pass by a spot on the way down the path from Thundering Steppes and get the text message, "The sound of wooden cart wheels can be heard on the road below." ( -2317, 5, 725 ) /waypoint -2317, 5, 725
  2. Speak to Rusty Sails at ( -2231, -46, 499 ) /waypoint -2231, -46, 499 near the Keep of the Gnollslayers.
    • When you hail Rusty, Gawar the Bad and a pair of Orc Marauders (all heroic, 25) will spawn.
  3. After killing the orcs return to Captain Abella Coranis in the The Thundering Steppes.
  4. Talk with Engineer Ximmix Wobblecog ( -481, -21, -383 ) /waypoint -481, -21, -383.
  5. Go to the The Crypt of Betrayal and retrieve the parts in the coffin. (This is next to Torg Bramblehair at ( -20, 7, -8 ) /waypoint -20, 7, -8).
    • After clicking on the coffin, you will be attacked by Gawar the Bad and 3 additional orcs. Gawar is 25 Heroic ^^ and the three orcs are 25 Heroic v.
  6. Return to Engineer Ximmix Wobblecog.
  7. Gather Distilled Spirits from a jug in Blackburrow ( 38, -40, 71 ) /waypoint 38, -40, 71. (Level 26^ Gawar is back with a friend when you leave Blackburrow) (You may need to drag select on the barrels to bring up the option to choose the Distilled Spirits)
  8. Return to Engineer Ximmix Wobblecog.
  9. Hunt 5 clay crawlers and 5 living clays in the Ruins of Varsoon. You will be attacked by Gawar the Bad and 5 additional orcs (all 27 heroics!) when you get near the entrance of the Ruins of Varsoon.
  10. Return to Engineer Ximmix Wobblecog.
  11. Use the world bell to zone into the Prize of Prexus instance (shown on the map between Antonica and Zek) and speak with Captain Abella
  12. Defeat several waves of Deathfist orcs. Kill Captain Bloodstain and Gwar the Bad in the final wave
    • Anchors spawn on both sides of the deck, at the bow, and the stern; as long as the anchor is there it spawns pairs of Deathfist orcs. Destroy the anchors to slow the spawns
  13. Speak to the Captain again to end the quest and be transported to the Zek dock


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