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EQ2 Tradeskill Writ Information
Journal CategoryCity Tradeskill Tasks
Class (Level)Carpenter 79 (Tier 8)
DifficultyDifficult Tier 8 Rush Order
Starting the QuestSpeak to a Rush Order Foreman in any of the Qeynos Tradeskill Instances
See Tradeskill Writs for more information

This Tradeskill Writ is timed. You have 8:30 to complete this task. If you fail you will lose any reward, but keep the fuel costs that were reimbursed to you before the timer ran out.

Click on the Orders Desk near the Rush Order Foreman to collect your invoice and start the timer.

Some of out explorers are seeking items to trade. Anything you can provide can go out with the next shipment.

  • Craft a pair of the of the following items
  1. ornate ferrite bed
  2. round redwood gaming table
  3. square redwood gaming table
  • Craft a pair of the of the following items
  1. ornate kunzite table lamp
  2. painting of a knight champion
  3. orc champion painting
  • Craft a pair of the of the following items
  1. painting of the orc gladiators
  2. portrait of an orc berserker
  3. portrait of an orc howler
  4. portrait of an orc dragon slayer


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