Outpost of the Overlord
Levels 1-6
Outpost of the Overlord
Introduced LU19
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Quest Lines none
Harvesting Tier 1
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Starting with LU19, The Isle of Refuge was split into this zone and Queen's Colony, with this one being for all new Evil characters. Eventually, Gorowyn and Neriak became the starting zones for new Evil characters, and it was deactivated. But it was brought back. It spawns a new instance when over 50 players are present.

There is a one-way connection to Freeport at the south dock, where the boat was moored. Be sure you have finished everything you want to do on the island before leaving! You cannot return after you leave.

Geography Edit

The Island is laid out rather like a clock, with Sandstalker Bay in the middle. The Freeport outpost itself is at 6:00. Monsters gradually get stronger as you work your way clockwise around the island. The island is small enough that there is no fast travel or instant travel.

Map Edit


Dungeons Edit

Zone Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Zone Duration
The Circle of Elders 5-8 Solo Instance None

Adjacent Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access To Access From
The City of Freeport - - Speak to Captain Varlos None - once you leave the zone you can't return

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description
( 7, -4, 152 ) /waypoint 6.63, -3.83, 151.59 A tent a bit northwest of Sythor's Spire

Quests Edit

It is possible to do at least 6 levels on the Outpost island.

Tayil N'Velex

  1. Welcome to Norrath
  2. The Art of Combat
  3. Seaside Stew
  4. Preventative Maintenance
  5. Disruption for Distraction
  6. The Final Assault

Charles Arker

  1. In the Name of Prestige
  2. In the Name of Honor
  3. The Tunarian Plot
  4. Checking on Charles

Additional Outpost Quests

Misc Named not linked to quests

Treasure Edit

There is a set of Legendary items in the zonewide loot table, obtained from random Ornate chests from ANY mob in the zone (and adjacent instances):

See alsoEdit

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