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Sprite ore

Harvestable Names Edit

Tradeskill Uses Edit

  • Armorer - Used in making Armor (all Tiers)
  • Jeweler - Used in making Tablets (all Tiers), Idols (Tier 2+), and Censors (Tier 6+), as well as being a minor ingredient in Runes and most jewelry.
  • Weaponsmith - Used in making Weapons (all Tiers)
  • Tailor - Used in making bags and thrown "weapons" (bandoliers, etc.)
  • Carpenter - all tiers
  • Tinkerer


Sprite ore rare

Harvestable Names Edit

Tradeskill Uses Edit

  • Armorer - used in creating Mastercrafted Armor (all Tiers)
  • Jeweler - used in creating Mastercrafted Tablets(all Tiers), Idols (Tier 2+) and Censers (Tier 6+)
  • Weaponsmith - used in creating Mastercrafted Weapons (all Tiers)
  • Carpenter - used in creating Mastercrafted Lights (all Tiers) and some tables/chairs/knickknacks (Tier 6/7)
  • Tinkerer

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