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Ogre (Character Race)

from in-game Character Generation screen

Ogre (Character Race) Male

Ogre Male

Ogre (Character Race) Female

Ogre Female

Race Information
Home Cities: Freeport
Neriak, City of Hate

Overview Edit

The ogres are a massive race created by Rallos Zek. Built for warfare, these hulks long ago ruled an empire that encompassed most of Norrath. Eventually they mounted a massive army to challenge the Rathe Council in the Plane of Earth. For demonstrating such pride, the Rathe laid a curse upon all of Zek's creations, crippling their intelligence and causing their empire to crumble. Ogres became the pawns of other races, remaining largely confined to their crude stone huts in the Feerrott when not engaged in small-scale conflicts. When the gods eventually withdrew from their planes, the veil was lifted from the minds of the ogres. They had just begun rebuilding their culture when they were visited by the Avatar of War, who had been ordered by Rallos to organize a new Rallosian Empire designed to wipe out all the other races from the face of Norrath. The ogres' high commander, General Urduuk, broke a pact that Rallos had made with Cazic-Thule by taking control of Cazic's temple and the gate to the Plane of Fear. For again demonstrating such pride as to insult the gods, the Avatar of Fear unleashed the dreaded Green Mist, wiping out nearly the entire ogre race just as they were on the verge of conquering Qeynos and Freeport.

Ogre Traditions Edit

Choose one of these every 10th level up to 90.
Name Effect Duration
Wisdom of Experience Grants a level-dependent increase to WIS.Passive
Endurance of Earth and Water Grants a level-dependent increase to STA.Passive
Combat Healing Increases Ministration by 5.0. Passive
Rallosian Reflexes Improves the casting speed of beneficial spells by 2%. Passive
Rallosian Army Training Increases Parry, Defense, and Deflection by 5.0. Passive
Steadfast Defender Increases Deflection by 2.0 and Shield Effectiveness by 2.0%. Passive
Extended March Increases duration of tradeskilled drinks by 10%. Passive
Vitality of the Swamp Increases out-of-combat power regeneration based on level. Passive
Bind Wound Heals for 2.0% of max health while out of combat. 2.0 sec casting, recast 1.0 sec.
Sturdy Feet Decreases falling damage by 15.0%. Passive
Resilient MindIncreases mana pool by 3.0%.Passive
Rallos Zek's BlessingIncreases health pool by 3.0%.Passive
Oggokian StubbornnessIncreases arcane mitigation based on level.Passive
Armor of the FeerottIncreases physical mitigation based on level.Passive
Fortune of the FeerottIncreases Durability per round by 1.0 and success chance by 1.0%.Passive
Oggokian DurabilityIncreases Durability per round by 2.Passive
Rallosian ReadinessIncreases Metal Shaping by 5.0.Passive
Oggokian TradeReduces power cost of Weaponsmith reaction arts by 10%.Passive
Mooshga's TutelageReduces power cost of Provisioner reaction arts by 10%.Passive
Innate Abilities
UltravisionProvides high contrast vision, but washes out color.2 hrs., recast 2 sec.
Rock ThrowerReduces Mining time by 1 second.Passive
Commanding PresenceEnlarges caster by 20%.Casting 3.0 sec, recast 20.0 sec., lasts until cancelled.
Impenetrable WillMakes caster immune to Stun effects.Casting 1.0 sec, 10.0 sec duration, 5 min recast
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