The Obelisk of Lost Souls
Levels 37-50
Obelisk of Lost Souls (top)
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Location The Feerrott
Adjacent to six outdoor zones
Instances The Vestibule
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
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The Obelisk of Lost Souls is the origin of the Shadowed Men, and exists in The Void. According to lore, its masters observe and experiment upon the beings of Norrath. They seem to harvest souls, occupy the bodies of people and creatures, and seek knowledge of Norrath.

The Shadowmen call it the Tower of Vul.

This is a very large dungeon with dozens of bosses spread across 4 different floors, covering a range of 15 levels. It is also one of the least-used dungeons by players, although farmers camp it heavily almost all the time, but still it a good alternative to the busier dungeons in this level range.

Entrances Edit

Entrance to The Obelisk of Lost Souls

Entrance to the Obelisk

Most overland zones have entrances to the obelisk:

The entrances look like purple clouds of mist. Note: the entrance can't be seen from far away unless your graphics settings are maxed, and it will not show up at all if you use Extreme Performance or Very High Performance settings.

To make the entrance appear (spawn), you need to clear level 35^ shadowman guardians around it (usually shadowed rift watchers). The Feerrott entrance is usually unguarded, however. After a while, the entrance will disappear (despawn).

The entrances lead to the cavern level, except for the Feerrott entrance. (See below.)

NOTE: The entrance in Feerrott allows players to skip the cavern and start inside the obelisk itself, thus bypassing the first locked door. However, if you die, your only option is to respawn in the cavern, so you will probably want to complete Entrance Into the Obelisk eventually.

Areas Edit

  1. Cavern (level 37-40) Cave EQ2Map
    • This is a vast open area surrounding the obelisk. The entrance/exit to the zone is at the north end of the cavern. You must complete a quest to open the door into the obelisk itself.
    • Inspect a scroll at the cavern entrance to get the access quest Entrance Into the Obelisk to unlock the obelisk door.
  2. First Floor (level 41-43) 1st floor EQ2Map
    • This floor contains numerous named mobs and a handful of quests. You must complete an access quest to open the door to the second floor. Once you've completed the access quest, exit the first floor into the portal area (go farthest west that you can on the floor 1 map, and take the south door to get to level 2.
    • Speak to the The Book of Summoning ( -25, 590, 349 ) /waypoint -25, 590, 349 to get the access quest Summoning the Creator to unlock the door to the second floor. The door is located back where you entered into First Floor.
  3. Second Floor (level 43-46) 2nd floor EQ2Map
    • This floor contains a maze and a couple of named mobs that must be killed to proceed to the third floor.
    • Slay The Labyrinth Shadow (level 46) to open the southern exits from the maze.
    • Slay The Keeper of Nihility (level 45) to open the door to the portal to the third floor. (50, 450)
  4. Third Floor (level 46-50) 3rd floor EQ2Map
    • This floor contains roughly 10 rooms, each of which can spawn a boss mob. You can easily move between rooms to farm the bosses.
    • Each of the two southern rooms contains a ring event, which ends with a level 50 evil eye boss. There is a recycle time on the ring event. The quest List of Acquisitions for the Continuing of Research is earned at the end of the ring event, which leads you to The Vestibule instance.
    • Note: An epic raid encounter (level 55 x3) is found in the northernmost room, consisting of three evil eyes.
  5. The Vestibule (level 47-50)
    • This instance can be found at Loc ( -524, 409, 385 ) /waypoint -524, 409, 385 and contains two additional ring events with named bosses.
    • 1.5 hour reuse timer starts as soon as any named monster is killed.
    • Note: There is no longer any Access Quest to enter this instance. You do need to finish the Access Quest List of Acquisitions for the Continuing of Research to progress inside, however.

Quests Edit

Book QuestsEdit

Named Monsters Edit


First Floor:

Second Floor:

Third Floor:

The Vestibule:

  • Medium of Hykor (level 50) - opens second door when killed
  • Malisient (level 49) - spawns after placing goblins on altar

See Also Edit

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