EverQuest 2 Guild Information
Guild Nihilist Dynasty [ website]
Server Permafrost
Level 95
Formed 11/20/2004
Total Members 459
Total Accounts 88
Peak Playing Time 8PM EST
Guild Hall The Commonlands

Nihilist Dynasty is a diverse guild offering something special to everyone who walks the land. We give you a chance to explore the world in the safety of our fellowship. We give you the chance to be all that you can be...whether it means raiding, questing or just enjoying the comradship of your fellow guildies. We have never dictated anything along the lines of who, when, where, why, or how but merely embraced your choices as a whole. ND has stood the test of time and has been a strong family for many years, both in EQ1 and now in the new world of Norrath.

"We demand nothing, we fear nothing, our honor and pride are second to none. We live by only a few decrees: If it is not earned, it does not belong to you, if there is a tragic wrong doing, we will be the first to help, if there is a call for bloodshed, it will be our voices you hear. Without destruction, there is no rebuilding, without villains, there are no heroes, without chaos, there is no bliss, and most importantly without us, there is no evolution."-- The Original Charter of Nihilist Dynasty.

We offer guild members the freedom to accomplish what they wish under the watchful eyes of the leaders and members, ever present to merely guide the soul and grant aid as needed. We are a guild of constant and continuous change in which we no longer fear new challenges. We have met every wave of change with acceptance. Only you can make the choices: ND can provide you with the opportunities.

The 'Six Gun Sound' salute has been our motto since EQ1.




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