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Scarecrow and Jack-o-Lanterns

Scarecrow and Jack O'Lanterns in North Qeynos

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The Nights of the Dead is the annual Halloween EQ2 Live Event.

The Annual Nights of The Dead FestivalEdit

Nights of the Dead is an annual festival in Norrath that runs from around mid October to mid November each year.

Aspects of the festival change each year but here are some details that remain the same.

The quests vary from year to year but some quests are the same as well. For information on quests check the specific Nights of the Dead year section you are interested in.

Nights of the Dead 2015Edit

Nights of the Dead 2015 runs from Thursday, 10/08/2015 at 12:01AM Pacific through Monday, 11/02/2015 at 11:59PM Pacific.

New This YearEdit

  • New illusions added to the Gigglegibber Goblin’s Unpredictable Illusion
  • New costume illusions available from Nights of the Dead Merchants
  • New rewards for favorite returning Nights of the Dead events
  • New recipe book, Celebrations of the Dead VIII

Crafting MaterialsEdit

The following crafting resources are dropped from spooky-type creatures, even grey ones.
They are required for Night of the Dead recipes. You can visit Grabby Gigglegibber and exchange these treats for Candy Corn, which is both a holiday currency and a crafting material. Exchanging saves space in your bag and bank.

Candy Corn Caramels Cherry Gumdrops
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Buttons Cotton Candy
Cupcake Chewing Gum Fruit Flavored Hard Candy
Fudge Green Chocolate Buttons Gum Ball
Gumdrops Gummy Worms Jawbreaker
Jelly Beans Licorice Candy Licorice Rope
Lollipop Marshmallows Nutty Chocolate Bar
Peanut Brittle Popcorn Ball Red Licorice
Taffy Were Cupcake

NotD Quest SummaryEdit

Feature Starting quest First appeared in Notes
Trick or Treating 2005 No longer available (2012). Replaced by Ghost Hunting, below
Haunted House The Haunting 2005 Make sure you take the skeleton mask before you leave the Haunted House.
The Mystery of McQuibble's Farm The Troubling Truth 2005
Haunted Mansion This won't end well... 2008 Some Lore and Legend quest starters are available in the Haunted Mansion after completing There Will Be Ghosts.

Make sure you take the dirty mask before you leave the Haunted Mansion.

Gigglegibber Illusionists 2008 They give you a random illusion buff when hailed.
Nights of the Dead merchants 2008 They sell recipes, charged costume illusions and furniture.
Hedge Hollow haunted maze A Nightmarish Illness 2009
The Hedge Hollow Collection 2009
The Headless Horseman 2009 A new Epic x2 encounter located in Nektulos Forest. Updated (2013), including his loot.
Nights of the Dead Devotee Challenge Nights of the Dead Devotee 2010 No longer available (2013). Now completing all the Nights of the Dead quests rewards the player with an Achievement.
Ghost Hunting 2012 Holiday race competition. Replaces Trick or Treating
Quest A Dream, By Any Other Name 2014
Collections 2014 Collection items are obtained using Pumpkin Bombs (2 candy corns each) from a Nights of the Dead merchant.

Previous Years NotD FestivalsEdit

This Section maintains the previous years information for those interested in how the event worked in the past. Some of the quests and activities listed below are no longer a part of the Annual Nights of the Dead Festival.

Nights of the Dead 2014Edit

Nights of the Dead 2014 ran from 10/09/2014 through 11/03/2014.

New in 2014:

  • New annual quest for 2014: A Dream, By Any Other Name
  • New holiday Achievements/Collections!
    • Candy Crusher Achievement: Collect as many different types on candy as you can by hunting all the spooky creatures in Norrath.
    • Pumpkin Pulper Achievement: Buy a Pumpkin Bomb (2 candy corns each) from a Nights of the Dead merchant. These bombs can be launched at other players upon which several mysterious pumpkins will erupt around that PC. (The pumpkins are very small.) These pumpkins can be gathered and will a) start/earn the achievement and b) spawn a random seasonal collectible in your inventory. There are four collections that can be completed this way:
      • Deadly Remnants
      • Frightful Fabric
      • Crunchy Candied Crickets
      • Ghoulish Masks
      • Visit the collector and you will receive one random new collection item per collection turned in. The new collection started by these rewards is: The Great Haunt. To receive the final piece of this collection you must continue to pulp pumpkins. You will eventually pick it up. Additionally you will get some rare,random saplings as you continue to pulp pumpkins.
    • The Great Haunt: This is a meta-collection of items from other Nights of the Dead collections. (The Jack's Lantern is an ultra-rare item from a pumpkin bomb.)

Nights of the Dead 2013Edit

Nights of the Dead 2013 ran from 10/15/2013 through 11/11/2013.

The Letter All players will receive an in-game letter:

From:Grabby Gigglegibber
Subject:Nights of the Dead!
Boo "Player Name"
New and returning stuffs to celebrate during Nights of the Dead! Buy costumes or get one of the Gigglegibber cousins to cast an illusion on you! And join us goblins and ghoulies, in your city, but go away from Deekat, Gigglegibber faker! Trap! Instead, visit our haunted house in North Qeynos or West Freeport, or hunt ghosts in Antonica and Commonlands! Help cure-heal a mysterious icky-sick man at the Nektulos Docks. Grab others to help squish the Headless Horseman in Nektulos Forest or the Scarecrow King in Antonica. And no forget to squish creepy crawlies and bump-night things for special treats. They be to craft items! Me tummy rumble for all candy-treats cept candy corn. Icky! So, you come to me with any Nights of the Dead treats and I give you candy corns. Deal? Yay!
Grabby Gigglegibber
Treat Trader

New in 2013

  • Illusions/Costumes
    • New illusions added to the Gigglegibber Goblin unpredictable illusion costume.
    • New costume illusions available from holiday merchants.
  • New house items sold by Nights of the Dead Merchant.

Returning Quests in 2013, Some New Rewards

Nights of the Dead 2012Edit

Night of the Dead 2012 ran from midnight 10/11/2012 through midnight 11/7/2012. New in 2012:

Nights of the Dead 2011Edit

Nights of the Dead 2011 started at midnight US/Pacific time on 10/13/2011 and ran until midnight US/Pacific time on 11/7/2011.

New for 2011:

Additional rewards from old quests:

New quests:

Returning quests:

Be prepared to do around 30 non Halloween quests to earn trust before you can do the quests below.

Returning collection:

New crafting recipe:

Returning recipes:

Nights of the Dead 2010Edit

New for 2010:

  • Be sure to visit New Halas as they join in the celebration this year.
  • Show your holiday spirit with the new Nights of the Dead Devotee quest and get the dish on its cool reward.
  • New rewards for many of the returning Nights of the Dead events.
  • Check out the new costume illusions, a new recipe book and new house items available from Nights of the Dead merchants.
  • The Headless Horseman is back and tougher than ever, and he's carrying some new loot in his pack.
  • Wandering through Nektulos Forest might provide some spooky fun, too!
  • New crafting recipes, Celebrations of the Dead III, are available from the Nights of the Dead Merchant.

Nights of the Dead 2010 will end November 8th, 2010 @ 11:59pm PST.

Nights of the Dead 2009Edit

Explore the Hedge Hollow maze:

  1. A Nightmarish Illness starting in Nektulos Forest at the docks.
  2. A Nightmarish Return

New collection:

New encounter:

New costume illusions:

Additional rewards from old quests:

New Lore and Legend book in Haunted Mansion:

New items in Loping Plains:

New crafting recipe:

New illusions from Gigglegibber Illusionists

Nights of the Dead 2008Edit

Explore the Haunted Mansion:

  1. This won't end well... - Start with Freid Deekat in West Freeport, Neriak and Gorowyn, or Skeer Deekat in North Qeynos and Kelethin
  2. There Will Be Ghosts
  3. They won't miss it...

New NPCs:

New crafting recipe:

Nights of the Dead 2005 - 2007Edit

In North Qeynos or West Freeport you can:

In Antonica you can:

Jack O'Lantern This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Nights of the Dead festivities, which come to Norrath each year from (roughly) mid- to late-October through to early- to mid-November.

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