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The Nights of the Dead (NotD) is the annual live event that roughly coincides with the real-world holiday: Halloween. Like the real-world holiday, NotD celebrates all things spooky in good fun with themes focused on candy and scares.

It typically begins in mid-October and ends in mid-November each year. It first appeared in 2005.

To check the exact dates, log into the game and click the EQ2 button in the bottom right of your screen and choose Calendar from the list of options that opens. Keep in mind that the start date and end of (most) events is midnight PST, due to the location of the main office of Daybreak.

Check your in-game mail for the announcement and clues about where to go to enjoy this event. If you accidentally deleted the in-game mail, a copy is near the end of this page.

New This YearEdit

This section highlights new content added most recently. Please move any info into the main article below when/if newer content is live each year.

Added in 2017Edit

This event will be on the live servers from Oct. 6th - Nov. 2nd 2017.

New EventEdit

  • Wake the Dead – Grab a shovel and scare up some tricks or treats in the cities!

Shovels can be found next to grave stones in some graveyards or near other NotD decorations

New QuestsEdit

  • Broken Mirrors – This shattering new quest will be available yearly!

New CollectionEdit

New AchievementsEdit

Items and RecipesEdit

New items night of the dead 2017
  • New costume illusions are available, including a Sarnak Skeleton, Thullosian Ogre, Rujarkian Orc, and Gooblin!
  • New house items
  • New Petamorph Wands
  • And more!

TLE ServersEdit

  • A special holiday merchant has arrived on Fallen Gate! Located in Freeport and Qeynos Capitol District, he'll sell a number of haunted items.
  • On Stormhold, you can enjoy all the thrills of Nights of the Dead! (Exception: A lost necklace cannot be looted from A Gleaming Chest in The Hedge Hollow.)

Event Quest HubsEdit

The quests for this event are primarily found within the following areas:

The areas above are not the only places you may find quests, so keep your eyes open for unusual NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that could offer special event quests when you travel.

NotD Treats and Candy CornEdit

When you defeat monsters in battle while the event islive, you will loot a wide variety of candy and sweets-themed treats.

These serve as both a special crafting material and they can be turned into holiday currency.
  • Treats are from creatures typically associated with the real-world holiday, Halloween (skeletons, vampires, werewolves, etc.), but a wide variety of spooky critters may have candy and sweet treats too. You can get treats from creatures far below your adventure level too (a.k.a. "grey" MOBs).
  • All the treats can be exchanged with the Treat Trader (described below) for Candy Corn, which is used as currency to purchase some event items and Candy Corn can still be used to craft.
Additional candy sources:
  • Starting in 2016, picking up purple shinies for A Swinging Wake can yield either a collection item or candy.
  • Players can also compete in the races (described below) and choose candy as a prize.

See the Nights of the Dead Treats (Crafting Materials) page for details on the various treats you may loot and tips and tricks on getting more.

Merchants and Special NPCsEdit

A Nights of the Dead merchant

A Nights of the Dead Merchant sells numerous items in cities all over Norrath.

Grabby Gigglegibber

Grabby Gigglegibber hates Candy Corn. Find him in various cities to trade your looted NotD candy.

Nights of the Dead Ettin Costume (Equipped)

The Dead Ettin (illusion) costume that can be purchased with during the event.


All starter cities (those with player housing) have a NotD NPC who sells a staggering variety of times. (See the NPC page below for locations and a full list of items)

Nights of the Dead Merchant

Examples include:

  • illusion "costumes"

Treat TradersEdit

A special goblin that hates candy corn is happy to trade with you and save space in your bank slots, backpacks, and a guild's harvest depot.

  • Visit Grabby Gigglegibber - like the merchant selling items, this goblin is found in several cities (see locations on the NPC page) to trade all of your looted treats for Candy Corn.

Gigglegibber IllusionistsEdit

Sinister robe (Visible)

The Sinster Robe is one of several web-themed appearance gear itmes that players can craft.

If you have illusion forms enabled, you might notice some sneaky NPCs insist you get in the spirit and help them scare their friends by shapeshifting you into a variety of scary forms.

You can opt in or out of seeing these illusions at any time. To do so press C to open the character window, click on the Options tab, and make sure the box to hide/show illusion from is checked or unchecked.


The following no-trade recipes all sell for 60s 90c while the event is live and the items within can be crafted all year long.

Available RecipesEdit

Adventure QuestsEdit

Ghoulish Night Cloak (Visible)

The Ghoulish Night Cloak is a possible reward from the This Won't End Well quest

In addition to the quest rewards, NotD quest zones have fun hidden masks and Lore & Legend books. Explore as you go or see quest pages for the locations of these clickable items.

Non Repeatable QuestsEdit

Repeatable Once Per YearEdit

Quests in Nektulos Forest:
Quests within the Haunted Mansion:
Note: You must get the first quest from NPCs in the either Freeport or Qeynos before you travel to the Loping Plains.
Quests found at McQuibble's Farmhouse (in Antonica):

Unlimited RepeatableEdit

At Hedge Hollow (in Nektulos Forest and The Hedge Hollow)
At the Haunted House (in North Qeynos or West Freeport)

Guide QuestEdit

Races (Unlimited Repeatable)Edit


Mask options as of 2016. Top, L to R: Nightblood, Amygdalan, Black Cat, Cursed Scarecrow; middle row: Cursed Skeleton, Goblin, Hatchet, Infernal Skeleton; bottom row: Black Mask, Noxious Scarecrow, Sinister Scarecrow, Snarling Werewolf

The Ghost Hunting races are held in two locations and have identical rewards.

  • It rewards Candy Corn and/or various house items and appearance gear, depending on how successfully you gather candy.
  • The races are one of the easiest, fastest ways to accumulate Candy Corn without combat.
  • Those who really work at it can even gain a special title.
Play in either location:


  • The Hedge Hollow purple shinies have a question mark floating above them and will attack when you try to pick them up, so be prepared for battle.
  • The Great Haunt is a meta-collection, which simply means it's comprised of collection items given to you when complete and turn in other Nights of the Dead collections.

The reward for completing A Swinging Wake collection.

Pick up purple "shinies" around the various quest hubs and get either a collection item or Nights of the Dead Treats (Crafting Materials). (Quest hubs are described below)



The following titles are tied to achievements:

TLE ServersEdit

Notable Quest Rewards and Merchant ItemsEdit

Plague Cloud (Equipped)

The Plauge Cloud mount is sold by the Nights of the Dead merchants.

Dracolich (Visible)

A skeletal Droglich pet you can place in your house or guild hall.

This section is not meant to be comprehensive. Instead, it gives some examples of items from the event that many players find very appealing.

In-Game MailEdit

Each year players get an in-game mail announcing the event. The body of the mail may change somewhat if new quests are added. The Letter All players will receive an in-game letter:

From:Grabby Gigglegibber
Subject:Nights of the Dead!
Boo "Player Name"
New and returning stuffs to celebrate during Nights of the Dead! Buy costumes or get one of the Gigglegibber cousins to cast an illusion on you! And join us goblins and ghoulies, in your city, but go away from Deekat, Gigglegibber faker! Trap! Instead, visit our haunted house in North Qeynos or West Freeport, or hunt ghosts in Antonica and Commonlands! Help cure-heal a mysterious icky-sick man at the Nektulos Docks. Grab others to help squish the Headless Horseman in Nektulos Forest or the Scarecrow King in Antonica. And no forget to squish creepy crawlies and bump-night things for special treats. They be to craft items! Me tummy rumble for all candy-treats cept candy corn. Icky! So, you come to me with any Nights of the Dead treats and I give you candy corns. Deal? Yay!
Grabby Gigglegibber
Treat Trader

Event History and Retired QuestsEdit

Trick or TreatingEdit

An amygdalan mask (Visible)

The Amydgalan Mask is one of several masks rewards that were moved to the Ghost Hunter races when Trick or Treating was retired.

First introduced in 2005, this activity was a timed quest in which players ran around and hailed NPCs in Freeport or Qyenos to trick or treat. Afterwards, treats were taken to goblin; depending on which treats you had and which treats he wanted, you were awarded a choice of several NotD masks.

granted players many fun Halloween masks like that looked like monsters found in Norrath, like a skeleton head, a black cat, a goblin and so on. Some masks are still available as gathered items within the present quest zones, so be sure to check the tips and tricks on quests to find location where they can be picked up.

Trick or Treating was removed when Freeport and Qyenos were updated (2012) with a improved graphics and merged to cut down on needless zoning between areas of those cities.

Night of the Dead Devotee Challenge (Changed)Edit

In the past, players used to get an in-game mail with a coin that offered this as a quest. Players had to go to various locations to find and click on items.

In order to get the titles once offered by this now players must simply complete all of the various achievements listed Achievements section above.