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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Erudite
Zone The Stonebrunt Highlands (Sentinel's Fate)
Location Inside The Deepwater Pavilion, on the left ( -140, 181, -438 ) /waypoint -139.58, 181.49, -438.33


(Niala's merchandise requires faction with Scions of the Deepwater Knights)

Items for salePricePositive Faction
Band of the Deepwater Scions55g 98s 72c20,000
Bangle of the Deepwater Descendants55g 98s 72c20,000
Bracelet of the Scions55g 98s 72c20,000
Buckler of Lingering Spirits60g 65s 28c40,000
Chain of the Deepwater Descendants55g 98s 72c20,000
Deepwater Bauble of Strength4g 66s 56c30,000
Deepwater Disk of the Scion[information needed][information needed]
Deepwater Medallion4g 66s 56c30,000
Deepwater Scion Blade55g 52s 6c40,000
Healing Torque of the Scions55g 98s 72c20,000
Heavy Silver Shackle of the Scions55g 98s 72c20,000
Platinum Hoop of Muntasir55g 98s 72c20,000
Sash of Lingering Spirits55g 98s 72c20,000
Scionic Knights Orb60g 65s 28c40,000
Torque of Uthalolth55g 98s 72c20,000
War Gorget of the Deepwater Knights55g 98s 72c20,000

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