New Tunaria
Levels 55-70
Front Gate of New Tunaria
Front Gate of New Tunaria
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Quest Lines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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This city was once known as Felwithe, home of the High Elves.

Felwithe was always somewhat isolationist, but after The Shattering, the surviving High Elves blamed the 'lesser races' and barred the city from them. They intentionally decreased their long life spans to encourage faster breeding and population growth. Over the course of generations, they came to call themselves the Renda'Dal, or New Elves, and they renamed their city New Tunaria. Their isolationism has turned to violent xenophobia and racism, and intruders, High Elves included, will be attacked on sight.


New Tunaria has a fairly large level spread. There are essentially four sections to the zone - the outskirts to the west, the city proper in the center, the Arcanists tower to the north, and Thex Castle to the south. The outskirts contains mostly solo-scaled monsters, with the level increasing the further into the zone the adventurer gets and the strongest being found by Thex Castle.

The zone is patrolled by various kinds of sentries, all of which see invisible and have more health than usual for monsters of their level.

New Tunaria is often considered by players not worth the time to explore. It has not been affected by the ongoing reitemization as of December 2013; loot is far inferior to that found in other dungeons of equivalent level. Named Monsters in the zone can also be either time consuming or complicated to spawn, although for a patient player there are many of them and a lot of AA to be had. The area in front of Thex Castle in the south can be a good place to experience grind during the mid 60s due to the rapidly spawning heroic monsters.

Quests Edit

Tablets in towers

Shareth D'Frexin

Teriniu Featherlight


This zone is often referred to as Felwithe, both by players and in some in-game references. Felwithe is the name of the old city of the High Elves. The term New Tunaria should be used when referring to the current home of the Tunarians, and Felwithe to the past history of the zone before The Shattering and the beginning of The Age of Turmoil.


For a list of possible Expert "blue shiny" spawn points for this zone, see this list.

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