This option is available to citizens of Kelethin and Qeynos, and to Exiles who have earned acceptance with Qeynos or Kelethin.

For citizens of Qeynos speak to Ambassador Duryo Valstath inside the Guild Registrar in Qeynos Capitol District at ( 559.26, -9.79, 167.15 )

For Kelethin citizens see Ambassador Gibrien Marsden in Kelethin ( 456.79, 88.94, 226.84 )

Then you need to go to New Halas and talk to Ambassador Brynhilde Maersdottr at the Guild Registrar ( 90.40, 153.50, -163.89 )

  Moving to New Halas 
       * Penalty: You lose your existing Call of Kelethin,Call of Qeynos or Call of Haven ability
       * Reward: You gain the Call of New Halas ability.

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