New halas

New Halas

New Halas is a city located in the Frostfang Sea on the island known as Erollis. Inspired by the death of his sister, Mithaniel Marr created the city because the original Halas was destroyed in The Rending.

When Mithaniel Marr searched Norrath for a location for New Halas, he found a small piece of land that was "made of ice and velium".[1] However, the icy island was already inhabited by a group of blue Coldain dwarves. Mithaniel convinced the dwarves to make the island a suitable city and they created the buildings and structures on the island. Mithaniel placed a statue of his sister Erollisi Marr in the center of town.

The city has become a beacon for followers of Marr, including Barbarians and Frogloks.

Starting RacesEdit

New Halas is a neutral/good city, meaning that all races except for Arasai, Dark Elf, Iksar, Ogre, Sarnak, and Troll can start there.


Ravens of the North crafting faction


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