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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Neriak, City of Hate (LU35)
Location Below the tunnel between the Dockside Markets and the Spires of Innoruuk ( -177, 0, 307 ) /waypoint -177, 0, 307

What does this information mean?

Reaching Neriak Down UnderEdit

You can enter either from three different doorways:

  • a doorway at ( -162, 8, 321 ) /waypoint -162, 8, 321, at the southeastern end of Dockside Markets
  • at a small cave end of Dockside Markets:
    1. take a small tunnel down at ( -142, 6, 249 ) /waypoint -142, 6, 249, a little north and below the tunnel between the markets and the Spires of Innoruuk
    2. take the ramp down at ( -154, 2, 254 ) /waypoint -154, 2, 254
    3. take one of the doorways, at ( -171, -5, 267 ) /waypoint -171, -5, 267 or at ( -181, -5, 245 ) /waypoint -181, -5, 245


Neriak Down Under is a crafting area, a version of a Tradeskill Instance that is not a separate instance but part of another zone (in this case, Neriak, City of Hate). It consists of a network of caves and tunnels.

There is a bardic instrument shop, but no vendor. He will probably return to his shop when instruments finally go live.

There is also the added bonus of a banker very close by, at The Burnished Coin.

In here you will find

Notable NPCsEdit

Related QuestsEdit

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