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Unlike the other cities with their competing factions, Neriak, City of Hate is a city with a single purpose and hence a single faction, The City of Neriak. Instead of getting up to 4 quests at a time, one from each guild, you start with the Fighters of the Indigo Brotherhood and as you rise in the esteem of Neriak, you are sent on to progressively more demanding guild officials. Remember, personal glory is nothing compared to the destiny of Neriak, City of Hate!

The Indigo Brotherhood (Fighters)Edit

Kirak N'Tan
Kirak N'Tan

Kirak N'Tan can be found outside the Seloxia Stronghold in Neriak, City of Hate ( -89, 15, 371 ) /waypoint -89, 15, 371. You may repeat any or all of his quests indefinitely, but he will give you his final quest when next you speak with him after making level 20.

Final: Slave to the Brotherhood (20) - sends you to Laexae K'Oziana

The Spurned (Mages)Edit

Laexae K'Oziana

Laexae K'Oziana

Ensorcelled stone

ensorcelled stone

Laexae K'Oziana (levels 20-25)

ensorcelled stone (levels 26-30)
You are required to perform these three tasks. You may do them in any order you choose.

When you reach level 30 the ensorcelled stone will send you back to Laexae.

She gives you a Polished Chain of The Spurned and some coin as reward for your service to The Spurned, and sends you to talk to Nathffyn Do'Vinitar at Spires of Innoruuk.

The Disciples of Innoruuk (Priests)Edit

Nathffyn Do'Vinitar

Nathffyn Do'Vinitar

Nathffyn Do'Vinitar - Levels 30-35
You are offered your choice of 5 tasks, which are repeatable:

Eruvin T'Kix

Eruvin T'Kix

Eruvin T`Kix - Levels 36-40
You are offered your choice of 5 tasks, which are repeatable:

The Ebon Mask (Scouts)Edit

Divimar G`Zule

Divimar G'Zule

Divimar G`Zule (levels 41-46) - on the second floor of the Hall of the Ebon Mask.
You are offered your choice of 6 tasks, which are repeatable:

Divimar G`Zule (level 46-50)

When you reach level 50 and have completed at least one of her writs:

Dead (Necromancers and Shadowknights)Edit

Quevolg S'Torate (levels 51-55)Edit

In the east courtyard of the palace

Offers tasks in Faydwer zones, all quests are in The Lesser Faydark:

Offers tasks in the Desert of Ro zones, all quests in the Living Tombs:

Transfer task is Unfaultering Allegiance (55)

Alakomph J'Xetar (levels 56-59)Edit

In the east courtyard of the palace, near Quevolg S'Torate

Offers tasks in Faydwer zones, all quests are in the Lesser Faydark:

Offers tasks in the Desert of Ro zones, all quests in The Silent City:

X`Ta De'Xy'Lifor (levels 60-70)Edit

In the east courtyard, behind the palace

Offers tasks in Faydwer zones:

Offers tasks in Kingdom of Sky zones:


Jayda V'Drel (levels 70 - 79)Edit

Jaydra is on Dreg's Landing (the Kylong Plains dock) ( 890, 12, 233 ) /waypoint 890, 12, 233. Two tasks can be taken at a time.

Tasks in Kunark:

Moors of YkeshaEdit

Armyna V'Threx (levels 76 - 79)Edit

Armyna is on the Dropship Landing Zone, close to the cannon ( 1608, 452, 882 ) /waypoint 1608, 452, 882

Tasks in Moors of Ykesha:


Kelinos Nurellin (levels 80 - 89)Edit

Kelinos is on the balcony of the Hall of Necromancy in Paineel. ( 1702, -267, 3230 ) /waypoint 1702, -267, 3230 You must do the quest Establishing a Basecamp before he will offer writs

Tasks in Odus:

Velious and EthernereEdit

Dalkina N'geth (85 - 90)Edit

Dalkina is in Thurgadin, just outside The Velium Keg ( 687, -312, 380 ) /waypoint 687, -312, 380

Tasks in Velious:

Shanea K'Xaal (90 - 95)Edit

Shanea stands on the Thurgadin Harbor docks ( 1211, -533, 443 ) /waypoint 1211, -533, 443

Tasks in Velious and Ethernere:

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