These are heroic quests that take place within Nektropos Castle. This zone is aimed at players of level 30-37. However, it is very challenging below level 32.

  • Note about Second Floor: Many of the quests require access to the second floor. It is hard to earn access to the second floor before level 35 (see The Everling Lockets quest for details). However, if one of your groupmates already has access to the second floor, then you can complete many of these quests before level 35.

Quest SeriesEdit

(recommended levels in parentheses)

Access QuestsEdit

Zone Progression QuestsEdit

You receive Visions of Hatred when you enter the courtyard for the first time, but it is not required to get the others. The Boar's Head leads directly to The Red Marble so they must be done in sequence. The Everling Lockets can be started without any of the others, but it will be difficult to complete without doing Visions of Hatred and The Red Marble for the accesses they grant.

Optional QuestsEdit

starts with Master Eldin Necrosis just inside the courtyard, to the left

  1. Trinkets of the Dead (30)
  2. Something Twisted (30) - repeatable
  3. Something Twisted (32) - repeatable
  4. Something Twisted (34) - repeatable

Storyline QuestsEdit

Item Triggered QuestsEdit

Heritage Quests in this zoneEdit

Also, the following three Heritage Quests require you to kill Maltus Everling, so it is recommended they be done together.

Lore & LegendEdit

Forum Lore QuestsEdit

Nektropos Castle: TribulationEdit

There is one quest in this higher-level, backwards instance of Nektropos Castle.

Melanie Everling

  1. Cleaning Melanie's Room (70)

See Also Edit

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