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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Shattered Lands Nek2
Level Range 50-55
Access Quest Putting Maltena to Rest
Zone in from Nektulos Forest
Entrance is at the front door of the Castle at ( -1405, 122, -1857 ) /waypoint -1404.70, 121.80, -1856.50
Parent Zone Nektropos Castle
Difficulty Group
Failure Lockout None
Success Lockout 1 hour 30 minutes
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


  • Putting Maltena to Rest Access Quest is needed to enter.
    • The zone has nothing to do with Maltena, nor does it give a quest update. "Putting Maltena to Rest" is only the starting access quest to be able to run through this zone. Purely for fun and loot. All named monsters give aa exp, and decent loot.
  • The layout is very similar to the Nektropos Castle. However, you are forced to take a specific pathway due to blocked passages.
  • You need to pass through locked door or passage ways all through the zone.
  • Mobs randomly drop 3 different keys which range from copper, iron, and brass.
    • The different types of keys give random chance of loot or no loot for the chests they open (Iron open the small wooden chests for example).
    • Tinkering recipes (ex. Blueprint: Safety Recaller) have been found in one of the chest as well as boots.
    • Only the person opening the chest gets the reward.
  • There is not a single location that gives AA discovery.


  1. The first room is full of Eidolon watch dogs. In the stables can be the first named : Demitry the Ravager (will set the zone lockout), around the forge can be Unargin the Blacksmith (will set the zone lockout). You need to kill 2 a flesh rampager 53 (severe undercons with mana drain and some sort of damage reduction) in order to unlock the door.
  2. After a few turns in a corridor you arrive in a room with several ghosts in it, amongst them can be Butler Balthazen. Kill them and touch the door. The Burning Soul will spawn in the firepit. He sends you some soul ember that you need to kill. After 4 waves of minions, he will attack you. Killing him will unlock the other door of the room.
  3. You need to go on the corridors upto the end. You will meet The Spirit Sucker in a side way. Maid Maltena might be up in a side room as well. In the Prison Torturess Amanda can be up. Watchman Gantder can also be in the prison. In the Chapel you can find Archbishop Z'Latten or Bichop Cephus (that second named doesn't give any AA or loot). At the end of the corridors kill Chalandria the Queen of the Cursed. Killing her unlocks a secret passageway through the wall at ( -21, 0, 68 ) /waypoint -20.52, 0, 67.94; it will become highlightable and clickable. Go through the passageway.
  4. Reach Sheila's room. A ghost sent by her father will arrive and kill her. She will respawn as The Cursed Remains of Shiela Everling (Yes there is a typo in this name in game) along with puppets. Killing them will unlock the door of her room.
  5. Head towards Jenni's room, which is at ( -68, 14, -3 ) /waypoint -68.2, 13.5, -2.8. On the way, In the side room at ( -22, 14, 17 ) /waypoint -21.5, 13.9, 17.4, there is Groundskeeper Edgan for you to kill.
  6. Reach Jenni's room. The ghost that killed Shiela arrives and kill Jenni. Once again, The Cursed Remains of Jenni Everling will spawn with some dolls. Kill them.
  7. Head towards Crysta's room, which is at ( 75, 14, 2 ) /waypoint 74.91, 13.5, 2. To get there, go to the room at ( -28, 14, -29 ) /waypoint -27.8, 13.5, -28.94,where Captain Greeves sometimes spawns. Clear the room, then click on the teleporter at ( -21, 14, -31 ) /waypoint -20.69, 13.8, -31.4, which will take you to another corridor, on the Western side of the zone.
  8. After teleporting, head towards Crysta's room (in a side room, you'll find Lady T'Kalin). In Crysta's room, the same event as happened with the previous 2 ghosts occurs. Kill The Cursed Remains of Crysta Everling and her dolls.
  9. Go to Deirdra's room ( 53, 14, 85 ) /waypoint 52.69, 13.54, 84.52and kill The Cursed Remains of Deirdra Everling and its dolls.
  10. Take the teleporter in Deirdra's room, which will take you to a corridor to the north.
  11. Head to Alana's room ( -46, 14, -84 ) /waypoint -45.63, 13.5, -84.21 and kill The Cursed Remains of Alana Everling. This will unlock the door to Melanie's room. (Note: The Thexian Overlord is sometimes up at ( -17, 14, -40 ) /waypoint -17.39, 13.77, -40.29).
  12. Head to Melanie's room ( 57, 13, -82 ) /waypoint 56.68, 13.42, -82.09. Kill The Cursed Remains of Melanie Everling after Melanie is killed by the guard. This will unlock the last door at ( 17, 13, -56 ) /waypoint 17.08, 13.48, -55.58.
  13. In the now unlocked room you'll finally find Lord Everling, the last event of the zone. He has knockback and many 56v spirit wisps with him when he becomes aggro, so be prepared.

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