Recommended Adornments for NecromancersEdit

Here are some useful adornments for the final tier. Replace "Smoldering" with the appropriate prefix for an earlier tier.

Slot Item Effect Crafted by Rarity
Head \aITEM -846482378 366151675:Smoldering Savvy Imprint\/a +16wis Tailor Treasured
Cloak Smoldering Metaphysical Lining+4pwr regen ProvisionerLegendary
Chest \aITEM -322772630 -58342218:Smoldering Prismatic Applique\/a +7 all AlchemistLegendary
Shoulder \aITEM -1893592843 -223167695:Scintillating Rugged Straps\/a +16 sta Tailor Treasured
Forearms \aITEM -287505423 -1954018324:Smoldering Savvy Splint\/a +16 wisArmorerTreasured
Hands\aITEM -1514203088 463819349:Smoldering Occult Stitching\/a+30sdTailorFabled
Waist\aITEM 1848358543 1518777966:Smoldering Archimage's Buckle\/a +6 disr/subj ArmorerLegendary
Legs \aITEM 1155020281 1359318993:Smoldering Gritty Brace\/a +16 sta ArmorerTreasured
Feet\aITEM -2026429764 447636613:Smoldering Gritty Spurs\/a +16 sta ArmorerTreasured
Neck\aITEM -1563652884 1545130582:Smoldering Occult Clasp\/a +30 sd WeaponsmithFabled
Ear \aITEM -2074690258 -487776069:Smoldering Intellectual Backing\/a +16 int JewelerTreasured
Finger\aITEM 2105007053 -1732408901:Smoldering Rugged Polish\/a +100hp AlchemistTreasured
Wrist \aITEM -1521308327 321632771:Smoldering Intellectual Fastening\/a +16 int TailorTreasured
Primary \aITEM 391738273 1517200669:Smoldering Magi's Second Sight\/a +2% sd crit chanceTailorFabled
Secondary/Ranged \aITEM 2080116761 479338865:Smoldering Viral Ornament\/a +50 dis CarpenterLegendary

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