Naggresh da Hero
Acquire: Reward from the collection quest, Dirty Dingy Pages.
Pages: 10
LootDB Link: LootDB


You must be able to speak Goblish in order to read this book.


Page 1

Page 2

Many times ago, Naggresh wuz da slayer of many halfy deputies. He terrorized da thicket so many, they build great walls to keeps him out. Dis is Naggrsh's wallz for he makes da halfys makes it.

Page 3

Naggresh carried da Great Spear of Many Noggins. Da spear with halfy noggins on it likes pumpkins on da post. He makes da peoples run inside da town and never come out at dark time. At dark times is Naggresh time.

Page 4

Much jumhum was fouled by Naggresh wid no fear of trouble. His greatest funs was to foul it day or night and make da halfys be stinky. No patch was safes, only in da city walls.

Page 5

Of da bestest deeds he do was da stealin of da mayor's golden birdy bird. Naggresh takes da birdy bird and makes cook soup! He eats da birdy bird and shares nones wid da uder gobbies.

Page 6

Naggresh lives da long life wid much glory. He slays da rats and da spiders too. He makes da soup of da snakes and da yellow stingers. He gives dem da great ouches.

Page 7

Da Bixies fear da Naggresh most of all. Many attacks on dem does he make. He takes da sweetie sweets from da bixie birgs and he takes da weapons! Much sweetie sweets does be brings to da uder gobbies.

Page 8

He is da time now we's find da bones of Naggresh. Many gobbi tribes come to da Runnyeye to makes nice with da ghostiez and makes honor for Naggresh, da Terror of da Misty Thicket.

Page 9

Gobbies comes from all every place to bringz gifties for Naggresh! Many of da items were stuff dat was owned by Naggresh. Many itemz have magickly powers and da sacred danglies. Danglies dat bring da lucky to da gobbies!

Page 10

Dis is da stories we telly tells arounds da soup fires. We's makes da dance and pokes da spear and be's Naggresh for all gobbies to sees. We's makes Naggresh a da hero of all gobbies. We's telly tells da stories so's Naggresh makes da glories.

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