Mystic - Epic Quest Story Edit

You travel to the Sebilis jail and find an Iksar locked within. Speaking to him, he says this: Terrus says to you (in Sathirian): You are a walker of the spirit path -- one who speaks with those beyond, are you not?

You say to Terrus: Indeed, I am. Why do you ask, iksar?

Terrus says to you (in Sathirian): Hear my words, mystic. I have tried to explain them to my people but their ears are deafened to the truth, and as such I have been called a heretic. However, it is they that are the true heretics, and thus will remain lost forever.

You say to Terrus: Lost? What do you mean?

Terrus says to you (in Sathirian): Their spirits will be lost to time. They will be doomed to either wander aimlessly among the living, neither in this world nor apart from it, or will find themselves forever chained in servitude by those that seek their power. Any suffering they have endured in their lifetimes will be nothing like the pain that will wrack their spirits after they have passed.

You say to Terrus: How could you know this?

Terrus says to you (in Sathirian): I have seen them. I have seen the spirits in Torsis, wandering... aching... searching for a rest that will never come. I have heard the last wails of spirits that have been utterly destroyed, their very existence torn asunder. The spirits are calling out, and if we do not heed their cries, we will end up just as they have.

You say to Terrus: The Sebilissians have never shown themselves to be friends of anyone, living or dead. How am I to believe your words?

Terrus says to you (in Sathirian): Why do you think they have locked me in this prison? Why do you think that soon, my spirit will roam among the very ones I speak of? I have brought the practices of our people into question, and will be punished for it. So be it though... I will not run, and I will show the people the strength of my conviction.

You say to Terrus: So you would not follow, then? You could not come show me what it is that you have seen and heard?

Terrus says to you (in Sathirian): No, I would choose not to. However, perhaps though you, I can find redemption, even if my people never know it. Here, take this. Read the words of truth, and search. Find the answers I will have paid my life to seek out.

You say to Terrus: I will then. Farewell to you, iksar.

You receive 1 [Torn page of Terrus's notes].

Torn page of Terrus's notes Page 28 The sounds of the cries of the spirits, just the sheer volume of it all, is almost maddening. I could hear their agonizing wails even in my sleep, in my dreams and in my meditations. Finally today, I left the city to search the jungle. I spent several sleepless days out in the jungle, searching throughout the dense undergrowth, mindful of the sorrowful voices of the spirits. I was able to follow this sound as it grew louder, until I reached the ancient city of Torsis. Here, the spirits wander among the ruins, trapped with a strange vortex of reality...something I cannot identify. I have walked among the spirits and was even forced to defend myself from them...however, I cannot help but feel pity for them. They long for release, an end to their endless suffering. But there is more. They seem to have a fear about them...a real palpable fear. It is noticeable in their cries, and exists like a fog over all of Torsis. I searched within the city for clues, but found nothing that offered immediate clues. I did, however, find a spirit, possibly older than all of the others, jealously cradling something that looked tangible within its grasp. Whatever that is, I must have it. I will return and seek it out.

You find and kill a Timeworn Spirit near the Hidden Plunderer's Camp in Kunzar Jungle. He drops a [rune-covered stone]. Examining the stone gives the first quest, "A Sleeping Stone."

You speak to Hollen the Runesage in Terens Grasp.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Greetings, friend. How can I be of assistance to you?

You say to Hollen the Runesage: Sorry to trouble you, but I am curious if you might be able to decipher something for me.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Certainly! What is it you might have for me to look at?

You say to Hollen the Runesage: This stone... it seems to bear a strange rune on its surface, but I am not sure what it might be.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Let me see the stone then. Hmm... yes... well, I have to admit that this has me a bit confused. Unless...

You say to Hollen the Runesage: Yes? Unless what?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Well, it looks like the rune is the sigil of the TrueSpirit. I had thought the TrueSpirit had departed this world long ago, so this might be an artifact from times past.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: So the TrueSpirit might still walk among us?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: I could not say for sure. I have heard whispers of the spirits of old still guiding the fates of the chosen, and so it might be that they never actually left, but have been here all along.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: That is fascinating, but what might it have to do with the stone?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Well, I'm not sure what the stone is, but you may have felt something coming from within it. I believe that whatever this stone might be, it is somehow tied to the TrueSpirit, but is now dormant.

You say to Hollen the Runesage" Dormant? How so?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: I really do not know. I assume that whatever power it once contained is now locked away, perhaps within the stone itself, perhaps locked away in the fabric of time itself and is lost.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: Might there be a way to awaken the stone?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Maybe, but such an act would probably require the help of a TrueSpirit. Thus, if they have truly departed our world, then it's likely that awakening the stone would be impossible.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: But what if they have not left? What if they are here, right now, speaking to us... guiding us?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: You speak wise words, my friend. I have always felt that the TrueSpirit were still here, and that their hand guided my fate. Perhaps our meeting was not chance, but indeed, their work.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: If that is so, then we must find a way to awaken the stone. I must seek out the TrueSpirit myself.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Patience, friend. If the TrueSpirit are among us, they have remained hidden from our eyes since after the Age of Turmoil. Revealing them must be your first step.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: Agreed. How might I do that?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Do you know the tale of Thalger?

You say to Hollen the Runesage: Thalger? No, I cannot say I have heard of him.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Thalger was the first of the mortal Heyokah. He was the first to pass the trials of the TrueSpirit, and constructed the Spear of Fate with his own hands, and with it he destroyed the Arch Necromancer Miragul's mantle. Thalger proved the strength of will and conviction of mortals to the TrueSpirit, who from that point on openly guided the paths of shaman across Norrath.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: So what must I do now?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: You must walk in the footsteps of Thalger to reveal the TrueSpirit. I have heard that Thalger had a means of seeing the TrueSpirit, which you might be able to use to help you on your journey.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: Where will I find this ability?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: I cannot say. However, Thalger was a Halasian. Before he became an Heyokah, he was a spiritual teacher in the city of the Northmen. He made no secret of his studies, but he was the only one that could perform many of the rites he researched.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: So his studies might still be waiting to be found?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Perhaps, but they will not be easy to find. You see, Halas was lost, and only the spirits know where it might be now. However, I have heard that even Lady Vox herself was interested in the magic of Thalger, and it's possible that some of his writings ended up in Permafrost Keep. You might start your search there.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: I will. Thank you for your help, Hollen. Perhaps I will return when I have learned more.

You travel to Permafrost and find the shattered fragments of an ancient tablet, that seems to have been written by Thelger.

You travel to West Fort Irontoe in Butcherblock and speak with Grunnin Copperfist.

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Yeah? Ya look a bit lost. What are ya looking fer?

You say to Grunnin Copperfist: My apologies friend. I couldn't help but notice that you were working with that stone there. Are you a stonemason?

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Har har har! Well, ya got an eye fer the blatant don'tcha? Yea, that be my trade. Name's Grunnin. Been doin' this fer so many years meself that I lost count. My whole family 'er stonemasons, and all my kids'll probably be, too. Why do ya ask?

You say to Grunnin Copperfist: Well, I have a stone that I found that will need repairing, and I am honestly not certain how to do so myself. Can you take a look at it?

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Ah... ar'right. It's not like I don't have plenty else ta be doin', but let me work on YER problem first. Okay...lemmie have those.

You say to Grunni Copperfist: My thanks, Grunnin. Here you are.

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Ar'right then... ahh huh. Uh huh. Mmm...yea. Hmm...

You say to Grunnin Copperfist: Well? What do you see?

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Now now! Ya can't rush artistry...I need ta take a good look to be sure of what ya got here. Hmm...uh huh. Ahh..well...okay, I think I have an answer for ya.

You say to Grunnin Copperfist: Wonderful! What did you find out?

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Well, I think I can fix it, but the stone that this is made of is quite brittle, and fixin' it might do more harm than good. If I'm gunna do this, it's gunna take some of the finest paste one can muster up.

You say to Grunnin Copperfist: All right, then...where can we find it?

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Yer in luck there...I can make it. But yer gunna need to gather some pyrorock sand for me to make the paste. This thing is in a good deal of pieces, so I'll need plenty of the sand, maybe about ten piles. Get 'em and bring 'em back to me. If yer lookin' for where to find the sand, don't look at me, I dunno where it is. It's yer problem, not mine.

You say to Grunnin Copperfist: I will return when I have the pyrorock sand, then.

You gather 10 pyrorock sand from ore nodes in Kunark (rare update), and return to Grunnin.

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Back already, eh? What did ya find fer me?

You say to Grunnin Copperfist: I should have the pyrorock sand here...will this be enough?

You give Grunnin Copperfist 10 [pyrorock dust].

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Ah, this should do the trick! Ar'right, give me a few seconds here to do what I need ta...

Grunnin Copperfist says to you: Annnnd... there ya are! Good as new. I should hope that's what ya need, anyway. Strange writin' on that tablet, too... not sure why ya'd want that old thing, but it's yers. Now get...I have work ta be doin'.

You receive [Tablet of Thalger].

You say to Grunnin Copperfist: Thank you again, Grunnin. Farewell.

This appears to be the writings of the mystic hero Thalger. Although it is now assembled, several portions of the text have been weathered or broken away. It is written in the language of the Northmen, Halasian.

...have discovered that to see a spirit, I must see as a spirit. Thus, no earthly eye is going to be able to reveal the Great Ones in their true forms.

I have heard whispers. Whispers of eyes that do not close, and do not sleep. They can see straight into the spirit of mortals, as they search for terror within their hearts. These evil ones are truly a creature of fear and darkness, but they can see across existence, even into the realm of spirits. I can harness this power, and use it to see the true forms of the Great Ones.

However, I must be mindful of the evil power of these creatures. Should I use the unclean essence of their sight, I will risk corrupting my own sould and succumbing to darkness. The essence will need to be purified before I can use it.

...filled with the pure power of the wild. The trees grow tall and mighty, far beyond what is found in much of the rest of the world. The spirits of nature are in abundance, tending to the lush greenery of the forest. It is within this lush forest that I might find the purest of waters. It is there that I will cleanse the evil essence of the fearful eye, so that my spirit will remain clean.

You travel to the Shard of Fear and kill an Eye of Thule. You receive [a spirit enshrouded eye]. You travel to the pond at the base of Tunare's Sapling in Greater Faydark and purify the eye. You receive the [Eye of Thalger].

You travel to Jarsath Wastes, and looking through the eye, discover a spirit wolf named Shul'da, Matron of the Pack. You speak to her.

Shul'da says to you: Hello, child. I am Shul'da, the Pack Matron, and I have been expecting your arrival.

You say to Shul'da: You have been expecting me? For what purpose?

Shul'da says to you: To speak with you. You see, we have been watching you, and have seen your power grow through your travels. We have long anticipated this meeting.

You say to Shul'da: Are you a TrueSpirit?

Shul'da says to you: Yes, I am. And as you have sensed, we have walked among and beside you for these long years, silently helping to guide your path as you traveled along it.

You say to Shul'da: The TrueSpirit have been guiding me?

Shul'da says to you: In a manner of speaking. While your will has always been your own, we have whispered to you when you called for guidance, and have helped to ensure you stayed on the path you were destined to follow.

You say to Shul'da: So now that I am here, what would you ask of me?

Shul'da says to you: Everything and nothing. But the question is, what would you ask of me?

You say to Shul'da: I have a stone with me that seems to bear the mark of the TrueSpirit upon it. Might you know what this is?

Shul'da says to you: I do. What you have there is a simple stone, engraved with a simple rune. Nothing more.

You say to Shul'da: Forgive me, but I spoke with another that believed this stone had power dormant within it, and that you might know how to awaken it. Was he mistaken?

Shul'da says to you: The stone itself is powerless. It is a stone, as you can see with your own eyes.

You say to Shul'da: You speak cryptically, matron. Many items in our world possess power, and many of them appear to be no more extraordinary than this stone. There must be more you are not telling me.

Shul'da says to you: Perhaps. But what you need to know is not something I can simply speak, and have you understand. You must learn before I can teach.

You say to Shul'da: Then what am I to do?

Shul'da says to you: As you said, there are many items in this world that have power and energies that can be tapped into. While this magic is often fused with the object it is tied to, it can also be external or the object can simply be a focus for energy that exists elsewhere.

You say to Shul'da: Indeed, but what does that have to do with this stone?

Shul'da says to you: Magic can also be wielded by or fused with the living -- this is especially true with spiritual magics, which draw power from living essences. The living possess an incredible amount of spiritual energies, which can sometimes persist beyond death.

You say to Shul'da: When the living become spirits, correct?

Shul'da says to you: Yes, that is partially true. For many spirits, they simply depart into the greater ethereal, effectively becoming one with the innumerable other spirits of the past. However, sometimes they cling to their existence here, or are forced to stay here regardless of their desires to leave.

You say to Shul'da: You speak of necromancy?

Shul'da says to you: Correct. Although it is not a spiritual magic in the purest sense, it does tap into the essence of essences in much the same way -- although it does so with the unliving. However, it often enslaves and consumes the energy, instead of working harmoniously with the energy and utilizing its power.

You say to Shul'da: I would imagine then that the TrueSpirit find necromancy truly abhorrent, then.

Shul'da says to you: Well, I believe most living creatures do as well. Necromancy is often shunned even in the cities of mortals. However, you are correct -- we regard necromancy with much disgust, and pity for those spirits caught by its withering grasp.

You say to Shul'da: Indeed, such imprisonment is unjust.

Shul'da says to you: I am pleased that you agree. I belive you might be one to help, then. You see, there are spirits throughout Kunark that are indeed, as we were talking about, trapped within skeletons with dark necromantic magic. The TrueSpirit want these freed from their prisons.

You say to Shul'da: You would like me to release them, then?

Shul'da says to you: Yes. Find these skeletons, and destroy them. The spirit should emerge from their cracked and broken forms. Tell them that they are free and that they can move on to their eternal rest.

You say to Shul'da: I will do that. Where can I find the spirits that need to be freed?

Shul'da says to you: I'm sorry, but I cannot say for certain. I can hear their despairing cries, but I have yet been able to locate them. I believe soem are nearby here, but I had not yet found them when you approached. I know there are others too, out in the wilds of Kunark. You will need to find these skeletons, and free the spirits trapped within.

You say to Shul'da: Then I will return when I have freed them all. Farewell.

You kill many of three types of skeleton in Kunark and return.

Shul'da says to you: I was able to hear the voices of the freed as they journeyed to their eternal slumber. The TrueSpirit thank you for your act of mercy. You are indeed fit to walk the path destined for you.

You say to Shul'da: Destined? Where is it you believe I am going?

Shul'da says to you: You are going where you choose to. However, you seem to be worthy to walk in the footsteps of another great hero from the long past. Few mortals have the strength of heart, spirit, and body to complete the journey. Perhaps you can be the one the TrueSpirit have been seeking since ages past.

You say to Shul'da: I could not speak to that, but I am honored to help the TrueSpirit if I can.

Shul'da says to you: An ancient threat has returned, and all of us - the living and the spirits - are now in terrible peril. Like the one before, you will be called on to act for the sake of all. Look at the stone now.

You say to Shul'da: My... look! It glows anew? What have you done with it?

Shul'da says to you: Nothing. The stone glows on its own. Remember what I said before about an object being a focus for energy elsewhere?

You say to Shul'da: I do - you mentioned that the last time we spoke.

Shul'da says to you: As I also said, that stone is little more than an ordinary stone on its own. The power that makes it glow does not exist within the stone itself...the stone is acting as a focus for that power. As the energy itself grows and the stone is fed, ever more brightly will it glow.

You say to Shul'da: What power is that?

Shul'da says to you: With time, I believe you will be able to answer that question on your own. There is much to be done now, and your journey must begin.

You say to Shul'da: Very well. Where is it I will need to go?

Shul'da says to you: Perhaps you should return to the one who set you on this path. There may be more he has to offer you.

You say to Shul'da: I will return to Hollen then. My thanks, Shul'da.

You return to Hollen the Runesage in Teren's Grasp.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Ah! I believe I remember you! You had set out on a journey to find the TrueSpirit. I must apoloize if I sent you on a wild goose chase. My head and heart were filled with the words of my grandfather, who long believed the TrueSpirit were still with us.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: Your apology is unnecessary, Hollen. The TrueSpirit have revealed themselves to me, and have helped me to unlock the power of the stone.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: If I could not see the stone with my own eyes, I would not believe your words, but here it is, for all to see! Is it true? Have the TrueSpirit returned?

You say to Hollen the Runesage: They never left us, my friend. Your grandfather spoke true words.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: This is wonderful! However, I must admit that when he spoke of them, I always felt that he was right, deep in my heart. I had just thought that it was wishful fancy, but no more -- I will never doubt his words again! What did they say to you?

You say to Hollen the Runesage: When we spoke, they indicated that something is beginning that threatens both the spiritual and physical worlds, and that we must act to stop it.

Hollen the Runesage says to you: Then know that whatever help I can give you, I will. However, the one you want to speak with is my grandfather, Takk. He has claimed that the TrueSpirit speak with him, and he used to spend a great deal of time alone, meditating and communing with them. I believe that no one on Norrath would know more about them than he would.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: So I should seek him out, then? Where might I be able to find him?

Hollen the Runesage says to you: He did a great deal of traveling in years past in his search for wisdom and knowledge. As with us all, his age finally caught up to him, and although his spirit is strong, his body is showing the scars of so many years. Now he spends his time in Graystone Yard, among his people there.

You say to Hollen the Runesage: Then I shall look for him there. My thanks to you again, Hollen.

You go to Graystone Yard and speak with Takk.

You say to Takk: Greetings, honored one. I am sorry to disturb you, but I was sent to you by Hollen, who I believe is your grandson.

Takk says to you: You are mistaken. You were not sent here by Hollen.

You say to Takk: My apologies, but I was. I met him out in Teren's Grasp, and he sent me to speak with you.

Takk says to you: No. Hollen did as he was meant to do, just as you will do. And just as I will do. You are here because the spirits are the ones who sent you here.

You say to Takk: How is it that you know so much?

Takk says to you: When the spirits speak, I listen. When they give me direction, I follow. I seem wise to men, because I speak the words of spirits and impart their wisdom to my fellows. They have told me about the journey before you, and to expect our paths to cross. And indeed, you are here, before me.

You say to Takk: Then you know what I have come to you for, I take it?

Takk says to you: I know that the spirits speak your name, and they have asked that I be their vessel to offer you guidance, and to help you see what it is you must face.

You say to Takk: Then you have a task for me?

Takk says to you: Imagine being in a room, with a single torch lit in the middle. Over time, the fuel for the torch is consumed, the light from the torch begins to dwindle, and the darkness in the room begins to take over. It is usually a slow process, and is easy to observe.

You say to Takk: Indeed, I would agree with that. Go on.

Takk says to you: You can see the darkness creep over the walls, and across the floor and roof as the light fades. It is brightest near the light, and the shadows creep closer when the light dims. This is the natural order of things, and is a truth we all embrace.

You say to Takk: Very true. Go on, please.

Takk says to you: However, what if it happened in reverse? What if instead of holding back darkness, the light instead BECAME the darkness? What if the light we saw was not truly light in that case, but was a bright darkness instead?

You say to Takk: I'm sorry, friend. I'm not sure I can follow you.

Takk says to you: Do not blame yourself. It is not likely you would be able to understand it without seeing it. Therefore, this must be the next step in your journey.

You say to Takk: Where am I to go, then?

Takk says to you: Look to the Hidden Vale. You may find answers to your questions there. Return to me once you have searched the Vale.

You say to Takk: Very well. I will return once I have finished.

You travel to the Hidden Vale (special instance of the Shattered Vale in Antonica) and kill six darkened spirits. You then try to destroy the ritual altar only to discover you cannot. You return to Takk.

Takk says to you: You have returned. What is it you have found?

You say to Takk: I saw what was happening there. I was attacked by shadowy spirits when I walked through the vale.

Takk says to you: What else did you find?

You say to Takk: I also found mortals within the vale, but they were not being attacked as I was. I'm assuming they had some kind of sway over the spirits there.

Takk says to you: What makes you think that those mortals are working with dark spirits?

You say to Takk: There was a dark altar there... I could feel its power as I approached it, but I could do nothing to destroy it.

Takk says to you: Indeed. Few things short of the hand of a god can destroy that altar now, and soon, even they could be powerless against it. As it stands now, there is nothing you can do to destroy it.

You say to Takk: Whose altar is it? Who built it?

Takk says to you: Mortals constructed it for their own purposes. They are using it to turn spirits into shadows, light into darkness. In time, they could corrupt all of Norrath's spiritual energy into darkness, which could have terrible consequences.

You say to Takk: Who were those mortals that guarded it?

Takk says to you: They are a group of cultists dedicated to the teachings of an ancient necromancer. A man so powerful, that his legacy persists unto this day. They found a forgotten tome that contained knowledge that even this man himself only risked practicing one time. The tome has since been lost to them, but the danger it presents is still with us.

You say to Takk: If the altar cannot be destroyed, then how are we to stop it?

Takk says to you: The altar can be destroyed, but you must walk in the footsteps of the past to do so.

You say to Takk: You have begun the journey already. You must learn to create an ancient weapon of spiritual power, a weapon that has not existed since the Lost Age. The secret of its creation has been locked away with three elder TrueSpirits, who know each a part of the process.

You say to Takk: So I must meet with them and receive their wisdom?

Takk says to you: Yes, but as the great heroes in the past, you will be tested before you will be deemed worthy to receive their blessings, and their knowledge. Bear this in mind, as even in the most dire of circumstances, the TrueSpirit will adhere to their law. Be ready for this when you speak to them.

You say to Takk: I will, Now, where can I find these elder TrueSpirit?

Takk says to you: They are not among us, as they exist in a plane in between planes, a world of spiritual power and energies. There are three altars in the world that will take you to this plane, if you are worthy, and have the key to get there.

You say to Takk: A key?

Takk says to you: Indeed. However, you already have an advantage in this case, as the key is already in your possession. The empowered stone you have in your possession will act as your key, and allow you to pass to the spirit world through the altars.

You say to Takk: Is that what this stone is for?

Takk says to you: Partially. It is also the centerpiece of the weapon you must acts as the heart of the weapon, focusing the power of its wielder. You will need to fashion together the rest of the weapon around the stone, so that the weapon might live again.

You say to Takk: Where are the altars located at?

Takk says to you: Although I cannot guide you to the Elder TrueSpirits myself, in my meditation I have heard the names of those you must seek...they have spoken to me, guiding me to in turn guide you.

You say to Takk: What is the name of the first TrueSpirit I should seek out?

Takk tells you: The TrueSpirit you seek is known as Hulgren. He is a spirit of wisdom, and will guide you on your path to enlightenment.

You say to Takk: Who is the next TrueSpirit I should seek out?

Takk says to you: You must search for the spirit of preservation, the TrueSpirit known as Rel'dekk. Take care with Rel'dekk, as he has more of a disdain for mortals and their accomplishments than many other TrueSpirits show.

You say to Takk: Who is the final spirit I should find?

Takk says to you: Search out the TrueSpirit known as Grossh, who is the oldest of the three you must find. His knowledge is ancient indeed, and his understanding of the relationship between spiritual magic and the world of the living is unmatched in our world.

You say to Takk: I will seek out the knowledge that Grossh has to offer.

You say to Takk: That should be all I need. Farewell.

You travel to Everfrost and pray at a spiritual shrine to enter the plane of Hulgren.

Hulgren says to you: Greetings, Queprur. I have been expecting you for some time, and I am pleased you have found your way here. You show great promise, and I believe you will show that our trust in you was not misplaced.

You say to Hulgren: I am honored. I have come seeking your wisdom and your knowledge in this time of peril.

Hulgren says to you: And I am here to offer it to you. But my knowledge is not what you seek.

You say to Hulgren: Is that so? What is it that I need to find?

Hulgren tells you: There is a tome that contains the writings of an ancient sage, a man who studied forbidden knowledge and secrets. This tome contained a particular ritual that the man only attempted one time before he was thwarted by a self-sacrificing hero. It is this tome that you seek.

You say to Hulgren: What should I do with it once I find it?

Hulgren says to you: You must understand the nature of the threat that faces us. You must search for the book and study it. Learn what it has to teach, so that you might better prepare yourself for the trials ahead of you.

You say to Hulgren: Where should I go to search for the Tome?

Hulgren says to you: The book has since disappeared since it last surfaced back in the Age of Turmoil. From what is known to us, it somehow found its way to Kunark, and might be in the possession of one of the races there, but I cannot say where.

You say to Hulgren: So I must search within Kunark to find the book?

Hulgren says to you: I cannot be more specific than that, but an adventurer in the Age of Turmoil found it and carried it with them. They did not know what it was they carried, since it was written in the language of the dead, and they likely could not have read such a language. But it was lost somewhere on the continent, and you must find it there.

You say to Hulgren: I will search for the tome.

Hulgren says to you: Return to me once you have studied it, and I will reward you with my knowledge.

You say to Hulgren: I shall return soon.

You find the tome in a trap inside the Vault of Eternal Sleep.

The tome is too large to move, and as heavy as stone. However, there is a tattered note folded in the flap of the book, written in a strange language. Writings of Sellok - Antonica, The Age of Turmoil. ...and he nearly succeeded. Had he finished creating the Mantle, there would have been seemingly no limit to his power, allowing him to challenge even the gods themselves. Such power would be desired by any mortal, and it is little wonder that 'higher' beings stepped in to thwart his plan. Without this tome, I would not have been able to learn his secret...even then, there are many parts of his research that must have disappeared with him. This gives us the basis of his studies, however, and from here we can begin to fill in the blanks of the knowledge we are missing. I feel that he missed a true opportunity, however. Why learn to merely wield power like this, when it should be possible to actually become one with it? Imagine how much more powerful one could become if they could truly master the power, making it a part of him? I have every belief that this is possible. I will continue to research his notes, and the information he left in this tome. If my theory is correct, I will obtain more power than he even dreamed of. I will not challenge the gods. I will become a god, and I will stop at nothing to achieve my goal - to realize my Vision.

You return to Hulgren.

Hulgren says to you: I am pleased that you have returned. How went your search?

You say to Hulgren: I was able to read the tome as you requested.

Hulgren says to you: What is it you found out?

You say to Hulgren: It seems that whoever wrote the book was attempting to draw power by creating a dark mantle, which could consume both arcane and spiritual energies.

Hulgren says to you: That is correct. It was fortunate that the first Heyokah was able to destroy the mantle, but without him, it could have been disastrous.

You say to Hulgren: Why couldn't the TrueSpirit step in and destroy the mantle? Why can't you destroy the altar now?

Hulgren says to you: The negative energy in a phenomenon like this has a corrupting effect on spirits. Any of us, even the most powerful of us, would be consumed by the mantle, and turned into shadows -- dark spirits. We can offer you our advice, and hopefully guide you to fulfilling this destiny.

You say to Hulgren: What knowledge do you have for me, then?

Hulgren says to you: You must find an ancient piece of spiritwood to serve as the handle of your cudgel. It must be long enough to provide the right amount of leverage, and have a notch on the top of the shaft to hold the stone. The spiritwood tree is quite mighty, and harvesting the branch you need will require someone with excellent woodcutting skills in order to get a suitable piece.

You say to Hulgren: Where might the spiritwood tree be?

Hulgren says to you: The tree is quite rare, and only grows in the hostile lands of Kunark. You must find a branch there, and cut the wood from that branch once you do.

You say to Hulgren: I will search for the spiritwood then, honored one. Farewell to you.

You gather the spiritwood branch from a random location in Kylong Plains.

Rel'dekk says to you: I have been watching you, Queprur. Unlike the others, I am skeptical of your ability to complete the task that must be done, and that we are taking quite a gamble in trusting in you. You say to Rel'dekk: I am sorry you feel that way, honored one. What is it I can do to change your mind?

Rel'dekk says to you: I doubt that you can. Even if you pass the test before you, it only proves that you are lucky, or just resourceful enough to get by...that is not going to be enough in the trials ahead.

You say to Rel'dekk: I will try to prove you wrong then. What is it you would have me do?

Rel'dekk says to you: The mortals that you fought before in the Hidden Vale do more than just guard their idol. They are actively seeking out strong souls to corrupt, so that they might create an army made of the spirits of heroes past.

You say to Rel'dekk: Where are they gathering these spirits from?

Rel'dekk says to you: There is a tomb filled with the caskets of fallen heroes, within the fortress known as Stormhold. Seek out the Hall of Valor, and defeat the defilers found inside. You will also need to purify the caskets, and help the spirits return to their rest. Do this, and I might change my mind.

You say to Rel'dekk: If that is what it will take, I will do this. Farewell.

You travel to the Tomb of Valor in Stormhold and purify 8 caskets, kill 8 defilers, and kill Serrin Trelmist, Sellok Spiritreaper. You return to Rel'dekk.

Rel'dekk says to you: Well, here you are again. How went your search?

You say to Rel'dekk. I was able to purify the temple as you requested.

Rel'dekk says to you: Well. I admit that I had thought you would have failed in this task, and that your spirit would be added to the dark spirits guarding the altar now. But it seems you have managed to once again get by as necessary. I still don't think you will pull through when it counts, but you have passed your test this time.

You say to Rel'dekk: Thank you. What wisdom might you have for me, then?

Rel'dekk says to you: You need something to bind the stone to your weapon. Within the jungles of the land of Kunark is the earthvine. Not only is this vine strong enough to hold the stone in place indefinitely, it also can channel the spiritual energy of the cudgel. It will take an expert hand to gather the earthvine, so take great care once you find it.

You say to Rel'dekk: I will search out the earthvine. Farewell.

You travel to the Kunzar Jungle and harvest an earthvine, which can spawn anywhere in the zone.

You travel to the Feerrott and pray at a spiritual shrine to enter the plane of Grossh.

Grossh says to you: Ah, you come to Grossh. Grossh wait for you, and you are here. Grossh is pleased.

You say to Grossh: I am glad to hear that, honored one. I have looked forward to meeting you as well.

Grossh says to you: Good. Grossh was looking into your soul, and Grossh sees pureness. Grossh is pleased by that, too. Grossh has a task for you.

You say to Grossh: I am looking forward to performing your task, Grossh. What would you have me do?

Grossh says to you: Grossh will help you make powerful weapon. You will need something to focus spiritual power, so that spiritual power will be in your living weapon. You must find claws. Claws to adorn your weapon with.

You say to Grossh: That's it? No major task? Just find claws to put on the cudgel?

Grossh says to you: Not any claws. You must find mighty claws, from mighty creatures. Claws that have the power of spirit within them.

You say to Grossh: I see...where might I find claws like that?

Grossh says to you: You must search Kunark for strong beasts with strong inner power. Sometimes this power is unbalanced, and the creatures suffer terrible pain. They are more big than others like them. Find these big creatures, and remove their claws.

You say to Grossh: How many of these claws will I need?

Grossh says to you: Look for the claws of four great beasts. Look for strong creatures. Four strong creatures whose spiritual energy is so powerful that it seems their bodies cannot hold it all. Find them, and remove their claws.

You say to Grossh: I will search for them, then. Should I return them to you?

Grossh says to you: Grossh you have the strength of spirit and of heart to conquer the beasts, and Grossh will reward you. Go now.

You say to Grossh: I will return soon, Grossh.

You travel to the Skyfire Mountains in Jarsath Wastes and take the claw from a Spiritwracked Drake. You travel to Karnors Castle in Kylong Plains and take the claw from a Spiritwracked Drolvarg. You travel to the Fens of Nathsar and take the claw from a Spiritwracked Sokokar in the Swamp of no Hope. You travel to Kunzar Jungle and take the claw from a Spiritwracked Chokidai near the City of Mist. You return to Grossh.

Grossh says to you: You are here. Did you bring the claws to Grossh?

You say to Grossh: I have the claws that you requested, Grossh.

Grossh says to you: Ah, you do not disappoint Grossh. I see that you have the strength necessary to finish your journey, and you now have the blessing of Grossh. Grossh is pleased.

You say to Grossh: Did you have any wisdom for me? I am looking for the knowledge to complete this ancient weapon.

Grossh says to you: You have them, Queprur. Grossh's task to you was both a test and the gathering of what you need. If you can kill the great beasts, you can lend their strength to the strength of your weapon. You did well -- very well.

You say to Grossh: Well then, I will leave you be. My thanks to you, Grossh.

You return to Takk in Graystone Yard.

Takk says to you: Ahh, you have returned. You have been gone for some time, and I had feared that you might not have survived the journey.

You say to Takk: I did. The spirits have helped me to collect parts for my cudgel, which I have here with me.

Takk says to you: You have done very well, Queprur. Not only have you passed the trials of the TrueSpirit, but you have with you the parts of the Cudgel of Obviation, a weapon that Norrath has not seen in many ages. Now, let us fashion the cudgel together, and prepare you for the coming battle.

You say to Takk: I am ready.

Takk says to you: There. You now have the cudgel, and you are ready for the final battle.

You say to Takk: What is this? It feels heavy...lifeless.

Takk says to you: It is. First, it must absorb spiritual energy to bring the weapon to life, and bind the parts of the cudgel together.

You say to Takk: How can I do that?

Takk says to you: You will use it to destroy the dark altar. The cudgel will then absorb the stolen spiritual energy as it escapes from its confinement. This should be your final act in your journey, and will return a weapon of great spiritual power back to Norrath. I have given your Eye of Thalger an additional enchantment, which should allow you to see creatures of total darkness...I fear such a power will be necessary. Good luck, and peace be with you.

You say to Takk: My thanks. I will do as you have asked. Farewell.

You receive [Eye of Thalger].

You receive [Loosely Bound Cudgel].

You travel back to the Hidden Vale and cleanse the darkened spirits there. You kill the Shade of Sellok.

As you approach the altar, you can feel the spiritual energy wisping by you as it is consumed. However, you can also feel the cudgel in your hand begin to come to life, and you note that it is beginning to absorb the power of the altar just by being near it. Perhaps now it is time to destroy the altar once and for all, and end the evil designs of Sellok and his Vision.

The altar crumbles, and spiritual energy contained within it begins to billow out. The cudgel shakes violently as it absorbs and purifies the tainted escaping energy until, at last, you feel the heart of the cudgel, the stone you found so long ago, erupt into life within the weapon. The Cudgel of Obviation lives once more.

You loot the Fabled [Cudgel of Obviation].

You return to Takk in Graystone Yard.

Takk says to you: Hello, Queprur. Your name has been whispered among the spirits once again, and I have heard that you have completed your task. Is it true? Did you receive the Cudgel of Obviation?

You say to Takk: I did. It is here with me now.

Takk says to you: Is this it? This is the Cudgel?

You say to Takk: Well...yes. I did as you said, and the Cudgel came to life as you said it would.

Takk says to you: Hmm...something is not quite right, though. I can feel the power of the weapon, but something seems wrong.

You say to Takk: Like what? It seems like it is quite powerful and effective now.

Takk says to you: And it is. But its potential is held seems tainted somehow.

You say to Takk: Tainted?

Takk says to you: Ahh...I think I know what has happened. The dark altar was corrupting the spiritual energy it had trapped within it. I should have predicted this...the dark spirits have tainted the stone. Its heart is locked, and its potential is still locked away.

you say to Takk: I see. Then it must be purified.

Takk says to you: Indeed, but it will not be easy. The Cudgel is awakened, and the spiritual energy is part of it now. There is a ritual you will need to perform in order to cleanse the weapon properly.

You say to Takk: What items will I need?

Takk says to you: You will need three ancient fetishes. These three fetishes are representation of concepts that are dear to a mystic -- spirituality, enlightenment, and preservation. You must gather these fetishes, and use them to perform the purification ritual.

You say to Takk: Where will I find the items that I need?

Takk says to you: Three powerful beings in the land of Kunark are in possession of the fetishes you need. You must travel there and confront them each, and wrest the fetishes from them.

You say to Takk: If that is what I need to do, I shall. Who has the fetishes?

Takk says to you: First, you will need the Fetish of Spirituality which is with a creature called Pawbuster. He believes it to be a good luck charm, and he keeps it with him. Next you will need the Fetish of Preservation, which is with the kind of the Sathirians, Venril Sathir. He also uses it as a charm, although he doesn't really believe in its power. Finally, you will need to find the dragon named Hoshkar, who has the Fetish of Enlightenment.

You say to Takk: What will I do once I have them?

Takk says to you: Return them to me. I will use the fetishes to draw out the corruption in the Cudgel, and restore it to its true power.

You say to Takk: Then I will return soon. Farewell.

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