There are several objects in game that you may move for different purposes:

  • Any house items that you can place in your house are movable within the house - for purposes of your own choice, but usually decorative. Many players like to place items related to food and eating in a specific "dining room", for instance. See also: furniture.
  • Some quests require you to move crates or ladders for accessing otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Some quests require you to move explosive barrels for blowing up walls or other objects.
Crate stairs to Ark of Harclave

Stairs built by moving crates for the quest The Ark of Harclave.

In particular, almost all of the quests within the Splitpaw Saga will require you to move objects and blow walls and objects up.

To move a house item, you first need to place it by selecting it from your inventory, right-clicking on it and choosing Place from the drop-down menu. After this, the item will behave as you had just picked up an item and were placing it, with similar restrictions.

You can move a stack of objects at once

You can move a stack of objects at once - just click the bottom-most one.

To move a house item that has been placed or an object that is already placed in the game world, you will need to:

  1. First, pick-up the object by right-clicking it and choosing Move from the drop-down menu. The object will now be highlighted and will follow your cursor movement.
  2. Now you need to move the item. Some rules apply:
    • When the item is at a spot where it can be placed, it will be tinted green.
    • When the item is at a spot where it cannot be placed, it will be tinted red. This might be because:
      • You're too far from the spot where you would like to place the item. Try to move closer to that spot.
      • The item cannot be placed at that spot - for example, you cannot place a house chandelier on your floor.
    • You can rotate the item horizontally by using the mouse wheel.
    • Holding the Shift key whilst rotating with the mouse wheel will increase / decrease the size of the object.
    • Holding the CTRL key whilst rotating will raise or lower the object.
  3. When you have found the spot you would like to place the item, left-click the spot with your mouse.
    • If you decide not to move the item, press "Esc".
  4. For more information about moving house items, see Decorating Houses.

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