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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Greater Faydark
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Greater Faydark more
How to Start Speak to any of the five stable masters

What does this information mean?

Well, before I can send you off you must discover the routes for yourself. There are stations near the Old Kelethin Lift, the Butcherblock Mountains, Crushbone Keep, Steamfont Mountains and New Tunaria. Once you map the location of each you can borrow one of our horses. We have to be sure you won't get lost out there.


  1. Visit each of the five Horse Stables in Greater Faydark. You do not have to speak to the stable master, just walk around the station to get the update.
    • Old Kelethin Lift - actually at the foot of Underwood Road at ( 137, 20, 157 ) /waypoint 137, 20, 157 Eq2map where the log bridge goes above the Trebuz Bixie nest.
    • Butcherblock Mountains - in the middle of the Treant Grove, at ( 667, 9, -61 ) /waypoint 667, 9, -61 Eq2map.
    • Crushbone Keep - actually this station is just at the southwest end of the Road to Crushbone, at ( -579, 67, -92 ) /waypoint -579, 67, -92 Eq2map.
    • Steamfont - right at the entrance to Steamfont Mountains ( -419, 130, -523 ) /waypoint -419, 130, -523 Eq2map.
    • New Tunaria - to the right after you run through the narrow canyon along stream at ( -706, 45, 323 ) /waypoint -706, 45, 323 Eq2map.


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