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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Temple Street
Journal Level 4 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Temple Street more
How to Start Speak with Neezer Grund on the docks in Temple Street
part of: Freeport Racial Timeline
Preceded by:
More Power
Followed by:
More Money

What does this information mean?

This quest is part 2 of a 5-quest series in the Freeport Racial Timeline Gnome Series.


  1. Go to the South Freeport gates. Next to the gates ( 23, 3, 19 ) /waypoint 23, 3, 19 is a clickable crate (Shipment C68F). Click on it and follow the dialogue windows. You receive a hyper-organic suppressor in your inventory.
  2. Buy a high-quality arcanic tracer (26c) from Qwergo Togglesmeet. You can find him near the bank at location ( 59, 3, 70 ) /waypoint 59, 3, 70.
  3. Buy a dongle-sweep particle buoy (16c) from Twergo Togglesmeet, who stands next to Qwergo Togglesmeet.
  4. Speak with Neezer Grund at the docks. You receive a blast capsule in your inventory.
  5. Click on the device next to Neezer to insert the blast capsule.
  6. Speak with Neezer Grund again.
  7. Speak with Frondo Wignin in the south-west corner of Temple Street ( 111, -4, 106 ) /waypoint 111, -4, 106. You receive a pig in your inventory.
  8. Speak with Neezer Grund again.
  9. Click on the cage next to Neezer to place the pig in the cage.
  10. Speak with Neezer Grund for your reward.