What is a MonkEdit

A dictionary description of a Monk: A man who is a member of a brotherhood living in a monastery and devoted to a discipline prescribed by his order.

Monk are an odd class in Everquest 2. They are the only fighter class, along with bruisers not to wear plate armor. Their hit points are quite low compared to most plate classes, and they lack shields, so how does a monk tank?

Most will say they don't, and something along the lines of reroll, but a well played monk can be one of the highest melee hitters in the game, and tank well. Hopefully through this guide I will tell you how.

First StepsEdit

First of all, lets look at Monk "Green" stats. The three stats you really want are agility (which governs your dodge and other skills along that line), Strength (which governs your damage), and Stamina (that governs your health). Intelligence and Wisdom are not really needed. To give you an idea of what you need, at level 80, 1200 strength in a group is good. Other green stats include +parry, which while quite rare, but improve a defense.

Next, lets look at gear, starting with weapons. A monk has katars, fist wraps, bo staffs and cetus, but can also use hammers, and other crushing weapons. A monk can use any of these, and until about 80 or so, they are all equally good. If possible, a monk should use a pair of weapons, with the same attack delay times (2.5 seconds is suggested). At lower levels, a two handed weapon would be fine, especially if has parry or strength, but only up till about 60 or so. After 60, there are alot of better single handed weapons.


A monk can be one of the highest hitting fighter classes, but to do so, you need to know how to time your attacks.

First of all, I would suggest you download an auto-attack timer. ProfitUI and Fetish UI, both come with built in auto attack timers, and there are plenty of good standalone ones. When installed, you will need some practice with it. This is the reason you should have two weapons with the same attack delay. Watch the bars, and between each auto attack, you want to use one, or two combat arts. Learn to time it so that the auto attack bar never stops moving. This is one of the trick to maximize your DPS.

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