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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Nektulos Forest
Journal Level 35 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Nektulos Forest more
How to Start Speak to Trelech Stonehome on the west side of Soul Eater Falls ( 511, 26, -1458 ) /waypoint 511, 26, -1458
part of: Bloodline Chronicles Timeline
Preceded by:
D'Morte Family Crest
Followed by:
Luring Out the Evil
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What does this information mean?


  • This quest is part 1 of an 11-quest series in the Bloodline Chronicles Timeline which grants you access to The Crypt of T'haen along the way.
  • once required the second D'Morte Family Crest in order to access any Tombs of Night zone. (no longer true)
  • You can solo this with a merc now, on-level. Many TREASURED quality items have been upgraded (you might notice that Fabled is often less powerful now, in 2017, than Treasured), so be choosy when selecting gear at low levels. Right now a level 40 item might have +41 to your main statistic and stamina. Others might have +20 or even +16.
  • Be sure it is the zone called A Search for Answers, the plain one does NOT work, the in game Journal is wrong! This is a known bug and it has been discussed in the forums, the consensus was, it's too old to be worth bothering with. If you take care to klll All mobs in an area where a named is supposed to spawn, you will probably be fine, but a few mobs are bugged and don't spawn in the right place.
  • The main benefit now is for the tradeskillers who want to have all the recipes possible and there are a few battle buff items you can play with. Some of the clothes have unique appearances. Check the nearby Quartermaster to see what you like. If doing this on level it gives good xp and you're likely to find upgrades to your spells.

Steps Edit

You must collect four scout reports inside The Tombs of Night: A Search For Answers. The reports are found on Wounded Scouts in the zone. These are spawned by killing the various mini-bosses in the zone with the exception of the second. The other three are spawned via mini-ring events that are described below.

  1. Upon entering, follow the wall by your right hand to a cliff / waterfall. Jump and land int he water. You will make your way back out again from there.
  2. Spawn and kill Lureclaw the Angler and Gulp, at ( 56, -41, 121 ) /waypoint 56, -41, 121 then examine the wounded scout.
    • To spawn Lureclaw the Angler you must kill all the mist grinnin netslingers in the water area near the waterfall, not just below below the waterfall, then kill the second wave of 2 groups of assorted mist grinnins that spawns. See the talk page if you're having trouble with this one.
    • Click on The wounded scout that spawns at the foot of the ramp leading up to The Maw of Mortality to receive the first scout report.
  3. Kill Dvith N'Zur in the room of vampires down the ramp on level 3 to the east of where you kill Chief Strongarm then examine the wounded scout.
    • You can find the ramp by locating the two fleshgoyles at the top of the ramp which leads down to the The Hand of the Crypt.
    • Blow up a wall and continue to the room with Dvith N'Zur.
    • Examine the wounded scout for the second scout report.
    • If the scout is already there - killing the named is optional, you can just examine the scout; otherwise kill the named to spawn the scout) ( -75, -36, 104 ) /waypoint -75, -36, 104
  4. Spawn and kill The Mold Reaper ( 36, 1, 12 ) /waypoint 36, 1, 12, or alternatively at ( 75, 6, 5 ) /waypoint 74.80, 6.34, 4.76 then examine the wounded scout.
    • To find him, so far you've gone along the right wall, jumped and then followed the right wall again until you got to the fleshgoyles and then headed downstairs. Now reverse that process and head two floors up. From the tunnel to the pool of water, follow the left wall until you find a breakable wall that has a bunch of non attackable bats flying out of it (after you break it). That's the path upstairs. The waypoint will not begin to glow until you're on the right level, level 1.
    • To spawn him, clear all of the mist grinnin sporechanters in the immediate area, then kill the second wave that spawns. Another mob spawns farther away and runs to you, with the Mold Reaper at the front.
    • Examine the wounded scout that collapses at your feet for the third report.
  5. Spawn and kill Chief Strongarm ( 36, -26, 60 ) /waypoint 36, -26, 60 then examine the wounded scout that collapses at your feet for the fourth scout report. This is in the center of the large area on the second floor.
    • To spawn him, kill all mist grinnin ruffians around The Maw of Mortality note that ruffians are found not just in the immediate area, but also found around ( -67, -24, -62 ) /waypoint -67, -24, -62 and ( -7, -24, -93 ) /waypoint -7, -24, -93.
    • Then kill the three mist grinnin summoners who spawn and start chanting in the central area.
    • The Chief (who is not attackable yet) will the summon four mudrakers (35^Heroic). Hail him if he is being slow about it.
    • Once they are killed Chief Strongarm will become attackable.
    • Examine the wounded scout that collapses at your feet for the fourth scout report.
  6. Return to Trelech Stonehome for your reward.

Rewards Edit

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