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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tower of Frozen Shadow
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls more
How to Start Click on an empty frame at ( 132, 548, -58 ) /waypoint 132, 548, -58 in Umbral Halls.
part of: Tower of Frozen Shadow Timeline
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What does this information mean?

(NOTE: All steps are in VhalSera's Dominion.)


  1. Collect the mirror shard near the empty frame at ( 17, 560, 41 ) /waypoint 16.58, 560.49, 40.59.
  2. Collect the mirror shard near Narmek Berreka at ( 19, 561, 16 ) /waypoint 19.22, 560.60, 15.96.
  3. Collect the mirror shard in the first room at ( 121, 550, -37 ) /waypoint 121.48, 549.66, -36.98.
  4. Collect the mirror shard in the second room at ( -56, 556, -52 ) /waypoint -55.56, 555.72, -51.93.
  5. Collect the mirror shard in the third room at ( -130, 556, 57 ) /waypoint -129.70, 556.37, 57.47.
  6. Collect the mirror shard in the fourth room at ( 6, 553, 128 ) /waypoint 6.42, 552.79, 127.87.
  7. Click on the broken mirror at ( 20, 561, 43 ) /waypoint 20.01, 560.89, 43.15 to fix it.
  8. Defeat VhalSera at ( 19, 588, 30 ) /waypoint 19.45, 588.08, 30.30.

WARNING: The lift to VhalSera does NOT go down. MAKE SURE ALL GROUP MEMBERS ARE ON THE LIFT BEFORE USING IT. If someone is not on the lift or in the room with the lift when it goes up, make sure they either teleport to you somehow or stay where they are. If they try to get to you and use a mirror in VhalSera's Dominion, it will teleport the whole group to that mirror and you will not be able to complete the zone.

WARNING #2 This quest is repeatable without any issues many times over until you defeat Tserinna at the very top of the tower. After you have defeated Tserinna you can still pick up the quest and collect the mirror shards, however the last step of placing the mirror shards in the frame (which would rise the platform to take you to VhalSera) bugs. The mirror in which you need to place the shards is unclickable.If there is someone who is in your group who has not defeated Tserinna before they can click the mirror however and update the quest for the group.


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