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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Shadows AAs » Summoner Shadows AAs
Minion's Mark Rank (*/1)
Summoner 1 point
Requires 130 AA Points spend and 10 of them in General tree, 10 of them in Mage tree, and 10 of them in Summoner tree
Adds an additional spell to the summoner's pet which does a medium amount of magic damage while also reducing the target's mitigation to magic based attacks.
Passive Spell
  • Grants the spell Minion's Mark
    • Inflicts 557 - 835 magic damage on target
    • Decreases Mitigation of target vs all magical damage by 914



This adds a ranged spell to the pets attack lineup that the pet will then use to pull when sent in to attack.

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