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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Master's Rage
Icon red burning man
Wheel Blue Horn
Your research into certain enemies grants you a chance at striking for medium damage and debuffing the target's defense, parry, and deflaction skills.(Completing Lore and Legend quests adds more races to this ability)

Target Enemy
Power 79
Casting .5
Recast 30
Duration 30
Range 5
Level 5

  • Decreases Deflection, Parry, an Defense of target by #.#.
  • Inflicts ###- ### melee damage on target.
  • If one of the following races:
This spell has no higher-level versions


  • Damage/Debuff scales with level.
    • L69 Guardian: debuff= 16.6 damage=472 - 787
    • L80 Guardian: debuff= 20.0 damage=975 - 1438

Upgrade to Grandmaster possible

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