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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Human
Zone Qeynos Province District (LU64)
Location Qeynos Harbor docks, just past the wall and west of the Chronomages ( 916, -25, 12 ) /waypoint 916, -25, 12

Faction itemsEdit

Items for salePriceFaction needed
a long stone corner counter6g 20000 status40,000
Ally: Ironforge Exchange3p 68g 64s 20000 status40,000
an erudin crucible30s 10000 status10,000
an ornate collection box1g 20s 20000 status20,000
an ornate display case30s 10000 status10,000
an ornate globe of Norrath30s 10000 status40,000
an ornate mirror19g 55s 87c 30000 status30,000
ceremonial formal ensemble30g 67s 49c 169886 status40,000
Display Stands for All Occasions4g 60s 80c30,000
Elaborate Chemistry Table87g 44s 80c 492805 status30,000
Elaborate Engraved Desk87g 44s 80c 492805 status30,000
Elaborate Forge87g 44s 80c 492805 status30,000
Elaborate Sewing Table & Mannequin87g 44s 80c 492805 status30,000
Elaborate Stove & Keg87g 44s 80c 492805 status30,000
Elaborate Woodworking Table87g 44s 80c 492805 status30,000
Elaborate Work Bench87g 44s 80c 492805 status30,000
Handbook of the Ironforge Exchange1cnone
Initiate: Ironforge Exchange15g 36s 20000 status10,000
ironforge ceremonial bargainer pantaloons74g 88s 37000 status30,000
ironforge ceremonial bargainer shirt86g 40s 37000 status30,000
ironforge ceremonial smithing boots9g 60s 25000 status20,000
ironforge ceremonial smithing gloves10g 56s 25000 status20,000
ironforge ceremonial smithing pants12g 48s 27000 status20,000
ironforge ceremonial smithing vest14g 40s 27000 status20,000
ironforge negotiator boots57g 60s 35000 status30,000
ironforge negotiator pantaloons74g 88s 37000 status30,000
ironforge negotiator shirt86g 40s 37000 status30,000
Member: Ironforge Exchange61g 44s 20000 status20,000
Officer: Ironforge Exchange2p 45g 76s 20000 status30,000
Reflections of the Grandmasters10g 36s 80c40,000
Reflections of the Grandmasters, vol. II10g 36s 80c40,000
Simple Chemistry Table1g 11s 64c 6125 status10,000
Simple Engraved Desk1g 11s 64c 6125 status10,000
Simple Forge1g 11s 64c 6125 status10,000
Simple Sewing Table & Mannequin1g 11s 64c 6125 status10,000
Simple Stove & Keg1g 11s 64c 6125 status10,000
Simple Woodworking Table1g 11s 64c 6125 status10,000
Simple Work Bench1g 11s 64c 6125 status10,000
Work Order Clipboard5g10,000

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