Marauder's Guile (Armor Set)

Armor Set: Marauder's Guile

  • (2) +10 agi
  • (3) Applies Deathly Lifetap
    • On any combat or spell hit this spell may cast Deathly Lifetap on target of attack. Triggers about 2.0 times per minute.
      • Inflicts 581 - 1208 magic damage on target
      • Heals caster for 387 - 804
  • (5) 5% Double Attack Chance

This armor may be worn only by: Predators ( Assassin, Ranger ).

These pieces are available for purchase from a mysterious Quellithulian in Moors of Ykesha at the Dropship Landing Zone ( 1680, 452, 894 ) /waypoint 1680, 452, 894 Eq2map

Once purchased, this armor can subsequently be upgraded to the TSO Armor Set (Tier 2): Ravaged Vigor (Armor Set)

Shard Costs
Armor Piece Cost
Marauder's Chain Boots
  • 5 Void Shards
Marauder's Chain Coif
  • 6 Void Shards
Marauder's Chain Gloves
  • 5 Void Shards
Marauder's Chain Hauberk
  • 10 Void Shards
Marauder's Chain Leggings
  • 6 Void Shards
Marauder's Chain Spaulders
  • 12 Void Shards

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