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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Brawler AAs » Brawler's Stamina line
Mantis Leap Rank (*/1)
Stamina 2 points
Requires 22 points in Stamina line
Instantly teleports the Mantis Master to a target player or enemy. The next few melee attacks will increase the Mantis Master's hate position with the target. Icon aa leap
Target Enemy
Casting Instant
Recast 1 minute 30 seconds
Duration 10.0 seconds
Range Up to 30.0 meters
  • Instantly teleport to your target.
  • On a successful melee attack this spell will cast Mantis Aggression on target of attack.
    • Increases threat priority of target by 1 position
    • Increases Threat to target by x (scales)
Grants the prefix title 'Mantis Master'

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