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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Heroic AAs » Enchanter Heroic AAs
Manasoul Rank (*/10)
Heroic 1 point
Requires Requires 20 points in Heroic
Requires 250 points spent gobally
Converts up to 90% of the enchanter's health to power for the group. With 10 points, Manasoul restores 25% of the caster's current health as power to the group instantly and every tick for a total of 10 ticks. This ability can be toggled off early an terminats if the encahter's health falls below 10%.
Target Self
Casting 1.5 seconds
Recast 5 minutes
Duration 10.0 seconds
  • Increase power of group members (AE) based on caster's current health.
  • Consumes 10% of the caster's health instantly and every tick
  • if over 11% health

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