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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Cobalt Scar
Journal Level 96 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Cobalt Scar more
How to Start Speak to Merrik ( 4266, -1079, 1456 ) /waypoint 4266, -1079, 1456
part of: Cobalt Scar Timeline
Preceded by:
On Edge
Followed by:
Merrik's Mission

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  1. Kill 3 ulthork man-o-wars
    • Avoid killing ANY other ulthork--killing them causes the counter to subtract one for each
    • Man-o-War will call two other ulthork during the fight - they die easy, and count against you! Watch for the red text, and don't use AE's after. Turn off AE-autoattack if you can, cancel all buffs and use Singular Focus. Run the adds off once the Man-o-War is dead. Ranged kiting can help here. Also, pet pulls work great for a Man-o-War in the middle of other ulthork.
    • If you have Feign Death (or anything alike), this will also work great. After killing the Man-O-War cast Feign Death. The two servants that helped the Man-O-War will disappear very soon.
    • It also might be a good idea to suspend your mercenary, if you use one, during this fight
  2. Return to Merrik
  3. Kill the mangled ulthork that spawns
    • The first time you kill it, it will regenerate to full health. The second time you kill it, it regenerates again, and Merrik gives you a poisoned ulthork spear. Use the spear as a charm - it casts a debuff on the ulthork that lasts 2 minutes. If you kill the ulthork while the debuff is on it, it stays dead
  4. Speak to Merrik