Make an Icon Guide:

  1. Go to Category:Icons and give it your best try to see if there is an existing icon already.
    • You may need to try several categories. The icons for charms, earrings, and necklaces in particular have a lot of overlap, as do rings/wrists.
    • There is often the icon you need, but not in the "quality" that matches your item. The backgrounds of the icon are different colors: plain for UNCOMMON, blue for TREASURED, tan for LEGENDARY, red for FABLED, purple for MYTHICAL.

      Head Icon 0005 (Common) Head Icon 0005 (Treasured) Head Icon 0005 (Legendary) Head Icon 0005 (Fabled) Head Icon 0005 (Mythical)

      If you find the right icons, but the correct quality isn't present, go ahead and make that icon. Name it exactly like the existing ones, but change the filename to indicate the quality, so for instance Head_Icon_0005_(Common).png‎ vs. Head_Icon_0005_(Treasured).png‎ etc.
    • Make your best effort to locate an existing icon, but if there isn't one, proceed with making a new one.
  2. Crop the icon from your screenshot and ideally save as a PNG for best image quality.
  3. Look on the wiki page for the toolbox, which should have a link to Upload File. Click that link to open the file upload page.
  4. Fill in everything needed on the Upload File form.
    • In the Source file area, click the Source filename Browse button, and locate the new icon you've created on your computer.
    • In the File description area, doublecheck to be certain that the destination filename is correct. Sometimes the page puts .JPG when it should be .PNG, or renames the file in unexpected ways, so check it carefully.
    • The Summary box is where we'll tell the wiki what kind of icon we're uploading. Category:Icons has many types of icon categorizations, and its possible for an item to fit in more than one category. If you're not sure what to use, find a similar category/type icon, open its page, and Edit so you can see the code, which might look something like
      [[Category:Charm Icons]]
      I generally select the category I need and copy it (CTRL-C), then paste it into the Summary box on the upload page.
    • In the Licensing drop down, I usually select In-game Screenshot of Unknown type
    • Click the Upload File button. Voilá! You have your new icon ready to use.

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