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    By: Margaret “Luperza” Krohn

    Norrathians, gather around for it is time! You’ve all been asking for a Darklight Palace Prestige House, and today the EverQuest II Development Team is happy to announce its unveiling!

    This dark and mysterious palace has q…

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    Greetings Norrathians!

    It’s been an exciting year so far for EverQuest II and we have a lot more to come!

    Since All Access membership was announced earlier this year, as well as news on our new weekly update direction, we’re having a great time bringi…

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    Q: What server do you play on? In your opinion, what makes your server special? I play on the Crushbone server as Gracee. Crushbone is my home and I love this server. The people are so friendly and help when you need it. For example, my alchemist wa…

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Did you know... If you are not in a guild, pressing (U) will bring up a list of some of the guilds currently recruiting new members. Asking in chat channels and on the official forums is also a good way to find a guild!

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