Mage Side is a term meaning, the easiest portion of an encounter, or the most trivial part of any raid encounter.

Origins: The Origin of Mage Side came from the Byzola Encounter, in the Shard of Hate. The encounter is a reasonably complex one, but one of the strategies for dealing with it is to kill one of the mobs away from the rest of the encounter, and that mob in question is a mage. The people who fight over there were called the Mage Side.

Evolution/Subsequent Use: One of the people who was constantly on the Mage Side, was a conjuror named Malachyte. He was absolutely obstinate in claiming that the Mage Side was actually much tougher to do than to battle the myriad of adds and the actual named itself that plagued the rest of the raid force. His foolishness came to a head when he claimed the encounter was undoable without a conjuror, prompting alot of catcalls and tongue wagging at his expense. Shortly thereafter, the Mage Side was conquered by an extremely shorthanded group, without a conjuror. This caused any reference to the Mage Side to be equivalent of being in the most trivial, easiest, and simplest portion of any encounter. The term is most often used in a sarcastic manner.

Examples in use:

  • "Hey, why don't you take your useless self back to the Mage Side?"
  • "How did the encounter look from the Mage Side, anyway?"
  • "I once thought the Mage Side was hard, than I remembered I wasn't a useless conjuror!!"

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