Requirements Edit

Fabled VersionEdit

  1. Curse of the Magic Thief
  2. Broadening One's Arcane Horizons
  3. Key to Curing the Spellpox
  4. Into the Maw
  5. Consolidation of Power
  6. Witness to the Past

Mythical VersionEdit

  1. Chaos Effect


  1. Quest rewards with: Jewel of The Three
  2. Quest rewards with: Akashic Waystone
  3. Quest rewards with: Band of the Infinite
  4. Quest rewards with: Voidwrought Wand
  5. Quest rewards with:

This timeline details the quests for the class's Epic Weapons 2.0.

You must be at least Level 100 and have one Ascension class at level 5 in order to start this quest line.

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