Madam Istynia

Madam Istynia

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Alchemist
Race Erudite
Zone Qeynos Province District (Shattered Lands)
Location Inside Echoes of Destiny ( 794, -23, 96 ) /waypoint 794, -23, 96


Items for salePrice
Acidic Goo 1s 92c
Acidic Massage 1s 92c
Anti-Venin 48c
Basic Candle 6c
Basic Incense 15s 36c
Bertoxxulous's Blessing 30s 72c
Blight of the Evening 7s 68c
Blight of the Eventide 1s 68c
Blight of the Grave 46s 8c
Blight of the Tombstone 30s 72c
Brell's Blessing 30s 72c
Caress of the Banshee 1g 3s 68c
Caress of the Phantom 1s 92c
Caress of the Specter 7s 68c
Caress of the Void 46s 8c
Caress of the Wraith 30s 72c
Catacomb Sludge 7s 68c
Caustic Embrace 30s 72c
Caustic Goo 30s 72c
Corrosive Kiss 46s 8c
Crypt Sludge 1s 92c
Elemental Ointment 48c
Enigmatic Formula 48c
Erosive Goo 46s 8c
Forgiveness Potion 46s 8c
Gust of Insight 48c
Holy Anti-Venom 69s 12c
Holy Elemental Ointment 69s 12c
Holy Enigmatic Formula 69s 12c
Holy Salve 69s 12c
Hurricane of Insight 69s 12c
Major Anti-Venin 1s 92c
Major Elemental Ointment 1s 92c
Major Enigmatic Formula 1s 92c
Major Salve 1s 92c
Mordant Goo 7s 68c
Mordant Strike 7s 68c
Mortuary Sludge 30s 72c
Necropolis Sludge 46s 8c
Quellious's Blessing 30s 72c
Remedy of Rodcet 30s 72c
Remedy of the Field 48c
Remedy of the Forest 7s 68c
Remedy of the Plains 1s 92c
Remedy of the Sky 69s 12c
Research Time Reduction 50 Station Cash
Research Time Reduction II 100 Station Cash
Research Time Reduction III 150 Station Cash
Salve 48c
softly glowing pearl 1g 20s
Superb Anti-Venin 7s 68c
Superb Elemental Ointment 7s 68c
Superb Enigmatic Formula 7s 68c
Superb Salve 7s 68c
Tempest of Insight 7s 68c
Virulent Itch 1g 3s 68c
Whirlwind of Insight 1s 92c
Xegony's Insight 30s 72c
Zek's Blessing 30s 72c

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