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Lucky (Advanced Solo)

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) High Keep (Advanced Solo) (Tears of Veeshan)
Race Human
Level 96▲ Tier 10 Solo , (Approx. HP: 13,000,000)
Location In the northwest corner of the first floor of High Keep ( 1, -36, 10 ) /waypoint 1, -36, 10 Eq2map
Reported Drops

75g (before any bonuses)

Melee Attacks Crushing
AA Exp Yes
Status Points unknown

What does this information mean?


  • Hail Lucky ( 0, -36, 10 ) /waypoint 0, -36, 10 to start the encounter.
    • At around 75% health, Lucky announces, "Did I mention I have friends?" Three goblin adds spawn (Pickclaw bungler and hoarders).
    • At around 65% health, Lucky says, "Come on Pickclaws! Help me out here!" Again, two Pickclaw bunglers and a Pickclaw hoarder spawn.
    • At around 50% health, Lucky will call for help again, summoning another trio of bunglers and a horder.
    • Each time you kill one of the Pickclaw hoarders, Lucky will scavenge something from its corpse and buff himself. One scavege is a club - Lucky receives a buff called Bludgeon, which occasionally throws out a 20K health and 600 power drain AOE. One is a set of armor - it gives him some sort of protection [exact effect unknown]. The third is a drink - [effect of the drink unknown]. The order in which he receives these buffs may be random.
  • Try to ignore the Pickclaw hoarders while burning down Lucky. To make sure you don't drown in adds you may want to take down the Pickclaw bunglers though, but try to do it without resorting to AOEs.


Part of the enjoyment of High Keep is the really amusing dialog.

  • High Keep survivors have several things to say about Lucky:
    • A noble says, "That Lucky's gone traitor!"
    • A noble says, "I wish Lucky would just shut up over there!"
  • Meanwhile, Lucky apparently must be killed because of excessive emo:
    • Lucky says, "Ridicule me! Those of you with but a copper more, which is all of you! Ridicule me, I say, for I deserve it!"
    • Lucky, "Woe is me! Unlucky am I in life! Death take me now, for only then will I consider myself lucky!"
    • Lucky, "Oh my life! Terrible it is. But why? Why I ask the world! Why?!"
    • Lucky says, "Even these goblins keep their distance! I haven't a right to live when others have fallen!"
    • Lucky says, "Why must I be mired in the dregs of my own pitiful existence?"
    • Lucky says, "You there! I hear you! I smell you even! Come here and stick me with a sword will you?" (Did he just say I stink?)
  • Then the fight begins:
    • Lucky says, "Come to squelch a hapless beggar do you? Think again! Hahahaha!"
    • Lucky says, "Did I mention I have friends?"
    • Lucky says, "Come on Pickclaws! Help me out here!"
    • Lucky eyes the backpack carried by the hoarder...
    • Lucky says, "I could really use a drink right now..."
    • Lucky says, "You bored enough with me!?"