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A problem for users of EQ2I is the constant copying-and-pasting of locations from this website into EverQuest 2 for waypoint creation.

We used to list locations in many, inconsistent ways here on EQ2I:

  • [-1, 2, 3]
  • [+1, -2, +3]
  • (1, 2, -3)
  • ( 1,2,3 )

This is far from optimal. How can we improve? Use the discussion page.

If you use the {{loc|x|z|y}} template call, it will automatically format the output like this: ( x,z,y )

This makes it easy to use cut and paste without grabbing the parentheses. If you manually use a loc co-ordinate set, without using the template, PLEASE make sure you use the same format.

Remember; left parenthesis, a space, the x, z and y coordinates without spaces, a space, then the right parenthesis.

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