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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Pillars of Flame  (AA)
Journal Level 59 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Pillars of Flame more
How to Start Speak to Master Kiri
part of: Ashen Order Timeline
Preceded by:
A Split in the Ashen Order
Followed by:

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Steps Edit

  1. Kill 15 Ashen disciples.
  2. Go to the Ashen Elite Training Grounds, a solo instance with the same door as The Cave of Knowledge.
  3. Kill or invis past several aggressive Ashen alcolytes (level 60^) until you reach the pond area with disciples.
  4. Do as the disciples tell you (no combat involved):
    1. Jun Shan (next to the training dummy at the edge of the pond) asks you punch the training dummy next to him until it breaks. (Took me about 50 punches, helps to use the "F" key)
    2. Lee Chen (sitting on a meditation mat next to the pond) asks you to sit down on the meditation mat. He says nothing to end his step of the quest, the quest log simply updates.
    3. Tao Rae (near a training dummy next to the pond) asks you to learn to take a punch. (You take no damage but you will be knocked back.)
  5. Return to Master Kiri.

Rewards Edit


This Quest Will Only Be Offered to Good or Neutral Aligned Characters.

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