Lavastorm Timeline
Recommended Levels 45 to 55 and 77 to 80
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Lavastorm
Preceded by: Feerrott Timeline

Steamfont Mountains Timeline

Followed by: Sinking Sands Timeline

Peacock Club Timeline

These quests take place in Lavastorm and are suitable for characters of level 45-55 and level 80.

Shrine of Thunder Edit

These quests can be done in any order.

Tradeskill Quests Edit

See Tradeskill Timeline.

Heritage Quests Edit

Sootfoot Talent SocietyEdit

This solo quest series is for levels 45-55. These quests have been introduced with Game Update #51.

These quests decrease your Sootfoot faction. When you get -10,000 faction and you have completed all quests talk to Blisterzonk again and he gives you a choice of awesome weapons like the Bow of the Sootfoot Shooter.

At Fennin's Pass Edit


  1. Rock Collecting (45)
  2. Instant Jerky (45)
  3. Spreading Trouble (46)
  4. Beastie Bronco (47)
  5. More Talent in the Society (48)


  1. Truly Outrageous (45)
  2. Gem is Adventure (46)
  3. Fate of the Fire Imps (47)
  4. Body Heat (48, repeatable) Do once then if you can't get next quest, delete Body Heat.
  5. Like Pulling Teeth (55, repeatable) Available at -5,000 faction. On repeat, can do at same time as Drake Die-Kaput Time below.

At Goblet of Ro Edit

Continues from More Talent in the Society


  1. Booming Business (49)
  2. Flaming Glob Grab (50)
  3. Pieces of Flare (51)
  4. Lava Crystal Therapy (52)
  5. Drake Die-Kaput Time (53, repeatable) Can do at same time as Like Pulling Teeth above.


  1. Stinky Mission, Indeed (49)
  2. Rumble Tumble (50)
  3. Tiptoe Through the Lava Fields (51)
  4. Who Ya Gonna Call? (52 Heroic, repeatable) To move to the next quest tell Kipukas you don't want to go back into the Temple.
  5. Colossal Smash and Grab (53, repeatable)

Near Temple of Solusek Ro Edit

These are all heroic quests.

Item-Triggered - near Temple of Solusek Ro

Order of Flame Edit

This solo quest series is for levels 78-80 and the NPCs are found in the Shrine of Thunder (the building on the docks).

Spark - Order of Flame Quartermaster

Pallasa RargonEdit

  1. Crystal Replacement (80)
  2. Cephalopod Gone Wrong (81)
  3. Seepage is Never Good (82)
  4. Of Magma Basilisk Bondage (82)
  5. Dispatching the Destroyers (82, repeatable)

Marathan AllimEdit

unlocked after you complete Dispatching the Destroyers the first time.

  1. Remnants of the Present (80)
  2. Fires That Melt Within... (80)
  3. A Mineral to Guide By (85)
  4. The Power of One! (85)
  5. Driven into the Flames! (80)
  6. A Cleansing This Temple Needs... (85) This is your solo void shard quest (repeatable daily)

Pyrissa FlamecogEdit

requires minimal faction with Order of Flame to start these quests

  1. Ramp Up the Adventure (82)
  2. No More Avoiding (82)
  3. Passing the Stones (82)
  4. Void Infestation (82)
  5. Back to the Caves (82)

Nida Wa'FiyyahEdit

Gives access to the Ward of Elements; unlocked after completing Back to the Caves

  1. No More Barrier... Right? (82)
  2. Elemental Mystery (82)
  3. Elemental Problem (82)
  4. Elemental Problem Solved (82)
  5. Barred No More (82)

Saedie KalterraEdit

gives Missions for the Order of Flame, repeatable daily quests

  1. Cleansing the Elements (84)
  2. Cleansing the Elements Again (84)
  3. The Last of the Elemental Cleansing (84)

Epic Quests Edit

  1. Out of Her Element... - this quest takes you through Ward of Elements
  2. Hook, Line, and... Anchor? - examine the Earring of Void Channeling from the previous quest; takes you to Munzok's Material Bastion

Collections Edit

With GU51, all of the old collection items have been removed from Lavastorm. All shinys found in this zone will be from one of the following collections:

There is also a new set of NO-TRADE red shinys:

Removed QuestsEdit